Co-creating a resilient hearth fire for our shared healing & liberation.
Cultivating authenticity and resilience through precarious times.
Contributing to a new holistic cultural mythos of human kind.

You are here because you recognize that this is not the time for maintaining the appearance of business-as-usual. Not the moment for false painted façades or keeping up with the oppressive status quo. No more painting broad brush strokes across the nuances of being human. And enough with the infatuation with perfectionism, disingenuous performing, and illusory happy endings.
You realize that this is the time to get raw, get messy, and get really fucking honest. Time to compost the kyriarchy and midwife the collapse of what is no longer working. To honor what makes us different, reclaim what's been exiled, and dance ourselves into our unanswered questions. To imagine a divergent conclusion and a new, emergent way of being human together.


I am Rachael Alaia.

We are living in burning times. 
And I am a woman on fire.

My work is about invoking radical presence, reclaiming intrinsic wholeness, and remembering our interwoven sovereignty for these trying times. 

I do that as a speaker, writer, educator, and mentor through my offerings of embodied storytelling, intuitive guidance, and facilitated experiences that engage in deep inquiry and meaning-making.

I am here to be of service in your personal process of our shared healing and liberation.