» I am Rachael «

As a mentor, educator, courageous heart, and explorer, my mission is to guide you back to your wild soul. 

I have created Wild Soul Wellness to be a guiding force of change in this world. Working with WSW, you will begin to reengage with the Earth's natural cycles and rhythms, with its archetypal energies, with its elements and its deep knowledge. ou will reestablish a thriving relationship to the wild nature of the Earth and your own wild nature. You will learn how to reach greater clarity, joy, and fulfillment in your life. You will help heal yourself and, in turn, heal the world. You will embody the wild soul. 

My journey? Well, that's still unfolding. But I have learned to reconnect with my truth by remembering my place within wild nature. I have embodied my role as an empowered modern woman, tapped into my own self reliant healing, innate wisdom, and intuitive inner knowing. And through it all, I have realized my own intrinsic worth simply being the unique individual that I am.

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According to my closest friends and family, I embody  ❤  ❤  ❤

Natural harmony
An open heart
Radiance & vibrance
Loving kindness
A peaceful mind
Fearless ambition
A go-getter

I adore  ❤  ❤  ❤ 

 ❤ shaking my booty on the dance floor (or any floor for that matter)

 ❤ being as goofy and playful as I can get away with, laughing till I cry, and totally shaking up the status quo

 ❤ dark chocolate, white sandy beaches, and my huge collection of books

 ❤ getting lost in unknown foreign cities, eating delicious clean food, and learning something new

❤ living in Latin America... Me encanta!

❤ inspiring others to lead their greatest lives possible



I know in my bones that...

...we are wild nature. 

We do not live in nature. We are nature and nature is us. By remembering our wild nature, we restore ourselves to a space of health and happiness. 

...we are wise. 

We are the masters of our own lives and life is our greatest teacher. Using the right tools, we can reconnect to that innate knowing and expertise.

...we are worthy. 

We are perfect and whole just as we are. Letting go of that which we are not, we realize that we are worthy of a life filled with joy and freedom.



» WSW Wisdom «

❤ Being healthy, happy, and stress-free is about addressing the WHOLE individual. We are all interconnected, multidimensional creatures.

❤ Self love is a transformational force in the process of rewakening our wild souls. More than just self-care, loving oneself unconditionally is about radical self acceptance, finding wholeness by compassionately integrating all parts of who we are.

❤ As human beings, we seek feelings, not simply arbitrary goals. By creating outcomes that support us to feel our best, we can begin to access ease and fulfillment in our lives.

❤ Food is information. Food is medicine. It is the very lifeforce that becomes us. Remember that old saying, "You are what you eat"? Turns out, it was right on.

❤ Fun, functional movement is a non-negotiable ingredient to a joyous life. Whether it be a brisk walk, a sweaty yoga practice, lifting weights at the gym, or a heart pumping interval workout, it is essential to get our bodies moving consistently. If we don´t move it, we lose it.

❤ Wild nature holds the greatest medicine. From our food choices, to our personal care products, to our leisure time, the closer to wild nature we are, the more balance, harmony, and health we can access. The natural world also holds important life lessons no textbook can teach us.

❤ Mediation, the power to be in a state of conscious awareness, is our natural state of being. But, like any other skill, it takes consistent practice to master. But its benefits are countless and truly profound.



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