My Big Fat Mirror

Me? I'm not so rational. Not very balanced either. I can be a bit extreme and, at times, brutally honest. I am impatient, loud, and stubborn. I'm quite unpredictable and inconsistent and I usually execute tasks in a totally roundabout way. I dislike following rules and I have a lazy streak.

But I'm also wildly independent, adventurous, intelligent, and inventive. I'm a woman who has dedicated herself to being of service to others and to this beautiful planet we all live on. I'm supportive, big hearted, and loyal. I can think quick on my feet and I love to spread joy through laughter and being totally goofy.

We all have our two sides. Maybe even more than two. But perhaps, rather than seeing some parts of ourselves as "bad" and others "good," we can begin to see ourselves as whole, complete, and absolutely perfect with our unique complexities and contradictions. 

Let's release all the guilt and shame associated with having certain "undesirable" traits. Lets take off our masks and be open, and real, and frank with who we are with the world. 

Sure, some people might not like us. Some might even go so far as to hate us. But why would we want people like that in our lives anyway?

And let us begin to understand why they harbor resentment in the first place—it's because we have become big fat mirrors for them and when they look at us, they see all those masks reflected back. I would imagine this makes them a little more than uncomfortable. That is their path, not yours. Just send them love and be on your way. 

Keep doing you. Keep being beautiful and complex and contradictory. Keep shining on. For there is no one in this universe quite like you. And being YOU is a part of the gift you share with the world.