Planetary Powers

There is a hidden symbology and mystery to everything in this universe. From the physical ailments we carry, to the things that attract our eye, to the days of the week, everything in our lives is rich with a deeper, subtler meaning.

After studying mythology and astrology for several months this past year, I have become curiously intrigued by the energy of the planets in our solar system. What lessons do the planets and their associated mythology have to teach us? How can we utilize the energy that they bring to our own lives? Can we imbue the very fabric of our lives with these learnings? 

I explored this as original content on my Instagram account every day this past week: explaining the relationship between the days and their respective planet rulers, dissecting the most important themes from each, and offering a invocation for their integration at the level of our daily lives. I felt it too valuable to stay housed in the realm of social media, so I have decided to share the information with you all on this blog. I've even added a little something extra for my blog readers...



How to honor the sun on Sunday?

» Soak up the warmth of your family, friends, and loved ones

» Practice any sacred or spiritual tradition that connects you to source

» Refill your tank: Self-care rituals that allow you to access vitality and clarity

Truth. Source. Higher Self. Creative Energy. Spiritual Alchemy.

Sunday is aptly named after and ruled by the sun.

The sun is the central heartbeat, the source of power, the life giving force on Earth. The energy of the sun corresponds with the masculine, the yang aspect of us all. The sun is representative of union with the source and oneness with all.

Through the Sun's power, we are invited to recreate the world into a more regenerative, sacred, life-supporting ecosystem. And by the medicine the sun provides, we are taught to respond to the harsh bitterness in the world with gentle compassion and loving kindness.

How to honor the moon on Monday?

» Meditate on your moods and feelings to receive insight for your week ahead

» Seek out opportunities for intimacy and authentic connections

» Carve out solo time for reflection and contemplation (bonus if it's time spent in nature!) 

Insight. Feelings. Balance. Intimacy. Self Exploration.

Monday is named after and ruled by the Moon.

The moon is the reflective, the inner, the emotional intelligence that offers us important messages from within and beyond.

The energy of the moon calls us to seek balance and honor change in the form of the natural rhythms and cycles in our own lives, like the waxing and waning of light in the night sky.

The moon is our feminine nature, our yin. It asks us to dive into the deep dark waters and commit to intimacy on all levels.

The moon brings forth a journey of self exploration, for to truly know oneself is to know the world.


How to honor Mars on Tuesday?

» Finish any overdue tasks & tick off the most pressing items on your to-do list 

» Clean out the clutter from your life, your home, and your office

» Be physically active and honor your body

Desire. Power. Action. Courage. Transformation.

Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars.

Mars draws forth the strength of fierce compassion, the conscious driving force of desire, and the courage to reach for the stars.

The energy of Mars asks us to step into our power and channel our energy wisely. Mars is our heroic call to action, remembering there is no true death—only transformation. 

Mars says DO IT! TAKE ACTION! JUMP! Step into the buzz of Mars' atmosphere and get sh*t done.


How to honor Mercury on Wednesday?

» Catch up on any communication needs you may have

» Take any steps necessary to manifest your ideas into the physical plane

» Brainstorm, crowdsource, or skill share with others

Magic. Intellect. Movement. Manifestation. Communication.

Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is the quick moving, the divinatory, and the power of expression.

The energy of Mercury calls us to cultivate clear communication: effectively using the subtleties and nuances of rhythm & language.

Mercury supports us in times of transition and in magically manifesting our thoughts, dreams, and goals into fruition.

The planet Mercury brings an energy conducive to philosophizing intelligent ideas, perceiving hidden meanings, and swiftly maneuvering the process of life.


How to honor Jupiter on Thursday?

» Complete any expansive networking, travel, or collaboration with others

» Balance your checkbook and work on your finances

» Read stories and myths about powerful archetypes that affect you

Travel. Curiosity. Learning. Storytelling. Abundance.

Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The words Jueves, Thursday in Spanish, or Jeudi, in French, have roots buried in the energy of this planet—which draws forth a curious storyteller, a systems thinker, a gypsy wanderer.

The planet Jupiter draws forth material abundance and a spirit of generosity and chivalry. It asks us to be large and in charge, fully embodied in our power and strength.

Jupiter energy is expansive and evolutionary, reminding us of the incredible capacity of a great spiritual evolution in consciousness.


How to honor Venus on Friday?

» Enjoy a romantic date night with your partner

» Create art, write poetry, connect with beauty in any and all forms

» Spend some time doing nothing, practicing the lost "art of being" 

Art. Love. Leisure. Culture. Relationship.

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus.

Venus' grace dances between self realized sovereignty and an interactive relationship between the elements. Venus dances the salsa, moving her hips flirtatiously in time with the rhythms of life.

Love is the energy of Venus, which manifests in the physical realm as objects of artful beauty. Venus is romantic & electric, and has an ubiquitously joy for living.

We invoke Venus by cultivating the art of being and engaging in a passionate love affair with wild nature in all its relative raw forms.


How to honor Saturn on Saturday?

» Set the foundational work for your week ahead

» Get housework done, and any other pressing tasks requiring your attention

» Restructure your day-to-day systems for efficiency and sustainability

Solitude. Authority. Sovereignty. Authenticity. Responsibility.

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn.

The furthest planet from the sun visible to the naked eye, Saturn marks the boundary between the visible and the invisible.

Saturn presides over responsibility (response-ability) and authority, reminding us that we are authors of our own lives. The energy of Saturn also calls us through initiatory experiences which lead us to moments of deep solitude and self reflection.

Saturn asks us to find wholeness in our aloneness, to work towards self-possessed sovereignty, and to let go of that which is not authentically our own truth.

The natural world has invaluable lessons to teach us. Nature offers us perspective on our own lives. It provides important signs and omens, acting as a golden compass for our intuition. Nature offers us an anchor in the raging storm. It holds sacred space for our unfolding and brings us forth in wisdom and presence. 

How will you choose to honor the energy of planets in your own day to day?

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