6 Ways to Be More Intuitive

There is a little wise voice that exists inside of me. 

Sometimes it reminds me that I have forgotten something important as I am walking out of the house. During potentially dangerous situations, I am often forewarned to be necessarily cautious and mindfully aware. At other times, while deciding between two equally valid options, I get the distinct sense that one, while not logically the best choice, just feels right

That little wise voice exists within you as well. If you listen close enough to that voice, you can begin hear the answers to some of your greatest questions. Call that voice your gut, an instinct, or pure divine guidance. Whatever descriptive language resonates with you, this is a formal invitation to begin connecting with that voice. My own name for it is intuition because I like the way it vibes with me. And in the past several years of my life, I have become quite close friends with my intuition. 

When you begin to develop a close and personal relationship with that voice, your life will likely experience great shifts. These changes are to serve a personal and collective evolution, and are incredibly enriching. However, at first, these life changes do not always seem "better" in the traditional sense. These changes don't always fit into the plan you've created for your life. But I have found that when I choose to let go and trust that inner voice, it usually has a much greater plan for me than I could have ever surmised. 

When you start to listen more, synchronicity may become your best friend (as it has with me). Perhaps you start seeing uncanny patterns and numerous harmonious signs in your life (as I have). It could get to the point that these "coincidences" become utterly laughable, when all you can do is giggle (I know I do). 

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But, we don't always listen to that voice... do we? It is dangerously easy to ignore.

When that voice tells me to make a life decision that will rock my boat, I often respond with great resistance, pretending intently to have not actually heard anything at all. I have made the mistake of ignoring my instinct countless times, and I have always paid the price. When I get in a habit of not listening, I find the voice gets dimmer and dimmer, leaving me feeling listless, confused, misguided, and disconnected. When I think I know better than that voice, I am served a nice big slice of humble pie. 

In some cases, we may even be receiving various contradictory messages. So, how can you tell if the voice is indeed intuitive? One way is to ask the voice, "Why?" The inner critic, or ego personality, always responds with justifications. It's always trying to prove why its right. Intuition, on the other hand, stays silent. It has no motivation to be right. What's more, its messages are often cryptic, fleeting, and perplexing. It often takes tremendous faith to trust that voice and jump. 

Sometimes that inner voice has grown so dim, that we can't seem to hear it at all. In that case, what might help to bring it out more clearly? In what ways can be become more intuitive?

  1. Practice listening in all areas of your life. Our culture has largely taught us to listen not to understand, but to respond. Most of the time when we're listening to another person speak, we're conjuring up what we're going to say next rather than giving the person our full and undivided attention. Cultivate the art of deep listening... really allowing yourself to open to the present moment perspective of another being (it doesn't even necessarily need to be a human being). This involves a sense of unconditioned observation and mindful awareness. Deep listening is something I have been actively practicing lately and it's made a tremendous impact on my life and my ability to tune in to my own intuition. 
  2. Be alone more. Some people I know have a serious problem spending time by themselves. They claim they get bored or restless. I find the practice of solitude absolutely imperative to return to the helm of my ship and to know I am being guided by my own compass. If not, I lose sense of who I am. We are all so greatly influenced by each other, it can be easy to lose ourselves... in our lovers, in our work, in our group of friends. Your intuition is one of the sources of your authentic voice, so find some time to be alone and develop a passionate love affair with yourself. 
  3. Spending time in nature also helps to remove the veils of stress, dis-ease, and civilization, which often cloud or mask messages from your intuition. Nature serves as a direct source of the intuitive energy that flows through you. And having a quality relationship with your inner voice contributes greatly to your state of (Wild Soul) wellness. 
  4. Meditation is a great tool to begin to drop into a place of pure awareness and knowing. Within the spaces of silence, you may find that small voice whispering a little bit clearer. And please don't be discouraged by the seemingly endless chatter of the mind... the more you practice, the less attached and involved you become with those stories. 
  5. Be "in the flow" more often. Psychologist and researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi claims we are happiest and have most clarity when we achieve flow, a state of pure concentration and absorption with the task at hand. His models assert that this state is achieved at levels of high skill and high challenge, when we are guided by intrinsic motivation. From this flow state we access higher levels of creativity and, you guessed it, intuition. Perhaps your flow state comes when you write poetry, or exercise, or cook. Whatever it is, find some way to be there more often. 
  6. Fully inhabit your physical body. What is it saying? Are you listening to it? The body has an incredibly innate wisdom that we can not begin to rationally understand. By tapping into that course of knowledge, we can begin to effect a relationship with our inner knowing. What's more, the intuitive voice within is often called a "gut feeling," where this voice is housed. I find that dancing, yoga, exercise, self-massage, a hot bath... basically doing anything physical and grounding helps me to become more embodied and able to feel into it all. 
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As personal role model and bad-ass intuitive coach Sonia Choquette says

With intuition firmly at the helm of your life, you reconnect with the deepest, most authentic truth of your being and remember who you are as God designed and created you to be: perfect, beautiful, and whole.

When I devote myself to the habit of heeding my inner voice--when I offer gratitude for all the gifts that enter my life when I do set an intention to listen--the inner guide responds by becoming clearer and even more impactful. 

We must wake up to the signs and signals we are receiving on an ever constant basis from our inner voices, which can manifest in various forms of human experience. We can receive messages in every dimension of experience; from the physical and emotional to the mental, collective, or subconscious dream state.  Often it's more than one or a combination of several. Take the time to learn what your natural intuitive channels are. 

When intuition is spot on and a synchronicity has aligned for you to manifest something, show your thanks! If your lucky number keeps reappearing to you, fist pump the universe. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the more I am grateful, the more I have to be grateful for. And the more praise I give this voice for helping out, the more it wants to help me. 

When we assert intuition, we are like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes.
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés
The Voice by Shel Silverstein

The Voice by Shel Silverstein

Do you have a relationship with your intuitive inner voice? If so, tell me about it! How has listening to that voice transformed your life? If you tend to ignore your gut, how would you like to begin mending that connection?