Sisterhood Is My Very Nature

I've spent this last week planning for the first Wild Soul Wellness sisterhood event.* Throughout this intensive planning process, I have made sure to give myself ample time to also be quiet and meditate. It has been during these moments of stillness that I've begun reflecting on the profound impact that sisterhood has had on my life.


Sisterhood in this case is not a biological relationship, but rather, the bond of friendship formed between women. It is a special kind of love, forged from the natural magnetism of the female soul. 


The save haven of sisterhood provides all women, of any age, color, or creed, a place to be seen, an avenue to express themselves, a space to listen, a container to create. Sisterhood is where women can come to connect to their instinctual nature and to remember the ways of their grandmothers.

Through sisterhood, I have watched myself, and hundreds of other women, grow and learn and expand. I have witnessed just how the support of sisters can help us remember our strength as women and our ability to create lasting change in the world. 


When I don't have sisterhood support in my life, I suffer. 

Not long ago, I moved back to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where my parents have lived on-and-off for almost forty years. I arrived having lots of family friends, but no real steady group of girl friends. 

I did not feel connected to any sense of community. There was an underlying unease and tension build in my body. My energy dwindled without the fuel of sisterhood in my life. So, I set an intention to cultivate more female support and I took action to find it.

At first, I found sisterhood on the internet in a new online virtual sisterhood space. Facilitated by the oh-so-lovely Alexandra Schueler from, Wild Feminine Un.leashed has quickly become a place for me to connect to other women and express myself unapologetically. 

Throughout the past six months of being a member of this sisterhood, I have been held during the death of a family member, celebrated in my recent engagement, and witnessed during the expansion of my business. I have also had the great fortune of cultivating friendships with over a hundred fellow wild women from around the world.

Pretty cool huh?!

This sisterhood has also been an incredible mirror, reflecting back to me where I am playing small, selling myself short, or not operating from a space of integrity. Sisterhood tends to do that. Not only does it support us and make us feel safe, but it pushes us to grow and step into our power as agents of powerful change in the world.


Sisterhood makes it possible for women around the world to step into their power as forces of nature.



I'll be completely honest—like anything, sisterhood has its fare share of shadows. 

Natural cliques form and conflicts arise within the field of strong feminine energy. Cultivating a healthy and safe space of sisterhood is all about acknowledging any tension present with a sense of respect and honesty. We choose to acknowledge the conflicts that arise as opportunities to hone our skills in listening to one another, understanding different perspectives, and communicating ourselves clearly. We watch drama show its face so that we can see where projections are arising and people are throwing blame.

It is really all about the lens we view disagreement. We can use conflict as fuel to practice our inner peace, or choose to feed on the drama it can breed. When friendship is practiced consciously, there is not only a commitment to a personal quest for truth but also to the integrity of the collective. In this way, sisterhood can soothe the weary heart. This path takes courage, personal responsibility, and a willingness to be seen. 



Sisterhood is our tribe: authentic and genuine, fiercely supporting us on every step of our messy lives. 


I joined the Girl Scouts of America in the fourth grade. At that time, I was experiencing a lot of social troubles with some mean girls at (my very small country) school. In Girl Scouts, I found my sanctuary.

That sisterhood showed me how other women can be there for each other unconditionally, without any drama or cattiness. I felt held and understood there, which was quite a different experience than I had at school. And I noticed that even when the world around me felt chaotic and crazy, I found safety within the space of sisterhood.

My experience as a girl scout taught me that when that when girls have access to sisterhood, they thrive. It was when I found sisterhood that I finally felt comfortable enough to wave my freak flag high, without any fear of social banishment. In sisterhood, we can we real, and raw, and uncensored. Without the usual risk of feeling judged or labeled, we feel free to explore the vast expanse of wildness that we are as women. We can be messy, and ugly, and totally insecure, and still receive love from our sisters. 


Sisterhood is fun, playful, and present. 

When I was two, my mother, a dancer, put me in my first dance class. That dance community, consisting of mostly women and girls, was my very first experience of sisterhood.

My teacher, Marietta, was a total firecracker. She sparked within me a playful passion of performance and a pure love for creative expression. In my dance sisterhood, I was brought back to the present moment, where I could connect to my body and relate to my emotions in a healthy way. 


Sisterhood can be an amazing space to explore the feminine process of nonlinear play. Through play and presence, women and girls learn to speak the language of the feminine: pleasure.


It is through play that we learn about ourselves and the world.  Our sisters are our companions on the playful journey of life. Sisterhood support allows us to dive into our tasks with the purest motivation of all: we simply love to do it. Through this container of unconditional experience, we can celebrate and empower other women, knowing the abundant nature of the universe has enough money, time, and love to go around.

What's more, us women can release some of our own self criticism when we learn to loosen up and play a bit more. There is a certain je ne sais quoi playful "ZERO F*CKS" attitude that sisterhood can inspire within us. Not caring what others think about us helps make life a little more playful and a little less serious. 


» CLICK TO TWEET «       Sisterhood is a healing salve for the soul.

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Sisterhood is a healing salve for the soul.

Sisterhood is a healing salve for the soul. 

Last year I had the pleasure of working as a yoga and creative arts teacher at an Ayahuasca center in Peru. While I lived in that healing community, I witnessed how sisterhood serves the deep energetic work of healing, both individually and in the context of the collective. 

In my third month there in the jungle, I began hosting women's circles. What began as a regular gathering of long term community members soon grew to be held within the larger container of the month-long deep immersion participants. Then, the men began to meet regularly. I then watched as the healing power of sisterhood rippled throughout the entire community. I saw just how powerful it could be to gather together as sisters, witnessing each other heal ourselves to heal the world. 


Within the short, but quality, time we spent in those gatherings, we allowed ourselves to be seen in our wholeness, which is a healing act onto itself. We may have left with more questions than answers, but we allowed ourselves the time and space to fully explore the realm of inquiry and wonder, uninterested in the patriarchal format of always "figuring things out." In direct contrast to a larger culture where the one with the loudest voice gets to speak, sisterhood was our opportunity to get quiet.


Sisterhood takes no heed of time and space. 

Myself and six friends, whom I will lovingly refer to as the "WakaWaka Sisters," have had a group text going for the past four years straight. We've followed each other across several continents and numerous countries. We have been there through summer loves and break ups, illness and death, family drama and work sagas... you name it. I feel blessed to be able to turn to these women, my sisters, whenever I need them, knowing that they have got my back.

And when we do all come together in the flesh, it's as if no time has passed at all!

It is through this kind of sisterhood that I am taken back to the circles of our grandmothers passed, when sisters would gather to witness each other through every single aspect of their lives. If men were the protectors, women were the glue that held the community together.

Around the great fires of the hearth... around their gardens of medicinal plants and herbs... around the rites and rituals of the divine feminine... they would come and relate, debate, and celebrate. 





My soul yearns for the connection and support of other women, seeming to manifest sisterhood wherever I turn. The acknowledgment of this pattern in my life affirms the path that I am on: creating sacred spaces for women to connect and share their passions and gifts with the world.

The women I now have in my life, my sisters, they inspire me to greatness. They call me out on my shit and won't let me get away with playing small. They make me show up for myself and for the world. They show me what it means to feel held, even when I can't hold myself.




I believe that sisterhood is especially critical at this point in our history as a human species. The old ways of being in the world are dying out. In a time when confusion and chaos rein, the unshakable support of our sisters is a vital piece in maintaining an open heart in the face of the pain we bear witness to every day.

Sisterhood will guide us through the transition from the industrial growth society in which we currently live, towards one that supports life for many years to come. It is within sisterhood that we can explore what wellness, peace, and a healthy world mean for us in this new age. 


Sisterhood is my very nature. 




Now tell me...



Where have you manifested sisterhood in your life? 

What gifts have you received from the support of your sisters?

How can you work on cultivating even more sisterhood community?



*PS — I am almost ready to share a very special sisterhood event on the horizon for Wild Soul Wellness... Get ready!