The Power of Paradox


To be open…
Open to love and joy
Yet also to sorrow and desperation
To be unique, yet brilliantly commonplace
One of a kind, yet also, a dime a dozen
To be important and, at the same time, not matter at all
To be the beautiful paradox
To live the incredible mystery
To show up, fully, willing
In whichever robe you are donning in that moment
To lean into the pain as well as the bliss
To turn and look
at the truth
at what it is
to be

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Everything is important and nothing matters. 

We live in a paradox. 

And what exactly is paradox? It is the ability for two opposing statements to be completely contradictory and, at the same time, both be equally valid. 

Within this paradoxical reality, everything has meaning and yet, everything is also made up. It is an objective and a subjective existence. It is the ability for any and all points of view to be valid and true. 

As human beings, we are wired to deny the existence of paradox. Because according to Parmenidean logic, if one thing is true, the opposite cannot possibly also be true.

Or can it?

The idea of uncertainty, of ambiguity, of inconsistency, of contradiction, is inherently mind boggling. Paradox implies that everything we have believed to be true up until this point contains the possibility of being untrue. It implies that, in fact, we really know nothing. 


If we are left with nothing, where do we stand? We stand in the center of our wild.



There in the center of our wild, in a place of beautiful nothingness, we allow all of our carefully crafted patterns, disguises, and masks to be completely stripped away. We find ourselves in a place of peaceful surrender, letting go of resistance: seeing that our power comes not in the exhaustive defense of our ideals but in the conscious awareness of our integrity. It is there that we can take zero, add a twist of paradox, and we are left with the infinite.

The Zen Buddhist monks call it the "beginner's mind." The place of nothingness is where we can "agree to disagree," because we know that all truth is coming from the same source. Stepping into the power of paradox, we suddenly see ourselves in the eyes of the nemesis, the nightmare, and the other. We wake up in a world where we are detached from any rigid, fixed outcome... leaving room for magic to arise in the mystery. We live not needing to defend or protect our own point of view.

Because if we bring my point of view and your point of view together, we contain an even greater, broader, more inclusive perspective. With all possible perspectives combined, we contain the universe. And if we contain the universe, we become limitless beings capable of achieving the impossible.


Drop all masks. Be true. Reveal your whole heart; Be nude. —OSHO 



» CLICK TO TWEET « Take zero, add a twist of paradox, and you are left with the infinite. 


Take zero, add a twist of paradox, and you are left with the infinite. 

Finding peace in the course of our lives is very much about seeing the power in paradox; The maturation of the soul comes with the realization that nothing is ever just black and white.

As we awaken to the inherent paradox that is reality, we see that beneath the temporal layer, which is ever changing and in flux, there is an unchanging presence within all things. I call that presence soul and its power, love.

For most of my life, paradox was a tack stuck to my heel; I limped along, wishing things were different, that the world was different, that I was different. There was a lot of frustration and exhaustion. The peace did not arrive until I understood that transformation does not begin until we can see and allow things to be as they are. It was in that place of simple acceptance that I began to move and act from a place of love, rather than from an underlying place of fear. 

What's more—As I was able to start accepting my unique quirks and share my individual story, the more I saw that I was not very different from everyone else. The paradox in stepping into what made me different was that suddenly, I felt more at one with it all. 

Everything is created from the same stardust. Paradox is (rather paradoxically) what brings us together and connects us: allowing us to remember the stardust whence we came. And it is this very union with source that offers up a sense of wholeness.

Rather than "power over," we suddenly have "power with." In the place of force, manipulation, and coercion, we have dynamism and generative creativity. Instead of fear and anxiety, we are left with openness and understanding. Paradox unchains us from the limited capacities of our human minds, understanding that soul is, quite simply, comprised of the deepest layers of everything and nothing all at once. 


As we settle into the power of paradox, we suddenly see through the illusion of separation.



If this one thing here is true, and that opposite thing there is also true, then perhaps it all arises from the same universal truth. The power of paradox is the oneness of it all. And this power ultimately awakens us to the power of the wild soul. 


Now tell me...

What kinds of paradox exists in your world?

What power might be found in surrendering to that paradox?

How would you like to relate to paradox moving forward?