Full Moon Gathering ft. Genevieve Slonim

Genevieve's Bio Reads:

Almost ten years ago I gave birth to my daughter on my birthday.

Knowing that my daughter and I were born on the same date, meaning also that my mother and I gave birth on the same date, awakened within me an impulse to learn about matrilineal descent. This was heightened as I became a new mother in a country where a baby’s identity and belonging are determined through the maternal line.

Years later when I learned that like all pregnant women, that when I was just a developing baby in my own mother’s womb, I already carried the oocyte, or egg, that would eventually become my daughter, I felt I had learned the most fascinating and mystical aspect of womanhood and life itself. The thought that all women pregnant with girls embody 3 generations within one body confirmed my deeply held beliefs about the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of life.

But when I became a mother I didn’t feel anything mystical, sacred, cyclical or interconnected. Instead, despite the joy I felt at having my daughter, I also felt lonely, uncertain, disconnected and more than anything that something was missing. An almost primitive force had been awakened within me, and I longed for something I had never known, yet suddenly its absence was unbearable.

I set out to find what was missing ….a community of women, traditional healing practices , a return to ways more in sync with the natural environment , and the ability to navigate the constant shifts and changes in early motherhood while living within a societal framework that highly values time management, productivity and independence.

Today as a mother of 3 I am honored to play a role in the collective reclamation of ancestral women’s wisdom.


Topics we cover in this call:

» A culture of hyper-individualism versus a collective tribal mentality
» The role of social media and the gap between our preferred stories and our lived experiences
» Morals, justice, and values & the difference between "legal" and "right"
» The transformation into motherhood as culture shock
» Cultivating community as a new mother
» Shared experiences, recognition, and witnessing
» Self care versus community care
» The very real challenges of having "a village"
» Resilience, the mother wound, and rewriting our stories



Bethany Webster's work at womboflight.com


Contact Genevieve:

Genevieve's website: birthofamama.com
Instagram: @birthofamama and @genevieve.family