Earth. Air. Fire. Water.


Wild nature is contained within you.


These four elemental energies govern the self organizing principles of reality and form the basic foundation of all of life. From moment-to-moment, Mother Gaia engages in a dance of these elements, affecting both the human and more-than-human worlds. 

You hold within you the energy of each of these elements, which combine to formulate a completely unique and individual composition. The balance of the elements informs the unfolding of your life on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soulful. Earth, air, fire, and water provide a framework for you to reclaim your place within wild nature. 


The four elements reawaken your wild within. 


Awakening to the elements releases a spark of life within you. In accessing this magic, a primal memory of wholeness is unlocked within. Exploring your personal elemental composition allows you understand yourself and your place within the world more clearly. Accessing your own elemental profile offers you a chance to attract more harmony and health, and dive more deeply into a purpose-driven existence. And in embracing the complimentary energies of the four elements, you are guided towards a balanced equilibrium.

As you start to work with your own composition, you begin seeing patterns and cycles in the rhythms of your life. You awaken to the parallels of innate intelligence contained both within you and in wild nature. With your individual profile of these four energies, you understand your tendencies as natural elemental associations rather than externally inflicted pathological conditions. In acknowledging your personal points of vulnerability, you are able to step more fully into your strengths. And by placing yourself within the context of wild nature, your life takes on greater purpose and clarity.


Work with me to attune to the wisdom of the elements.


If you are curious about your own personal connection to the elements, this is a perfect opportunity for you to dive in! In working together, you'll discover your unique elemental composition, a completely individualized result based on an precise algorithm and an intuitive energetic connection I receive. I draw on a variety of methodologies, philosophies, and schools of thought to create your custom elemental profile and attunement guide, including ecology, astrology, archetypal analysis, shamanism, earth-based spiritual traditions, and claircognizance. 


Custom Elemental Attunements Coming Soon