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Free Online Training // Storytime Medicine

"STORYTIME MEDICINE: Own Your Story, Speak Your Story, Rewrite Your Story"

Right now, you are living within a story. This includes your own personal story, as well as the living, breathing mythos of our time. 

Stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Look around at the life you have crafted, at the story you are now living in... Is it a story you are proud of? Is it a tale you would want to share with your grandchildren? Why, or why not? Did you realize you had the power to see your own story as a symbolic journey you, and all human’s before and after you, must traverse? Did you know that in that knowing, you have the power to create yourself anew? 

In the first week of November, join Rachael Alaia from Wild Soul Wellness for a FREE video training: Storytime Medicine. 

In this free training you will:

» Learn to utilize practices grounded in the wisdom of ancient mythology, indigenous shamanic tradition, and Jungian psychology to heal yourself.
» Empower yourself by taking full ownership of all of your life experiences, including both the challenges and the triumphs, the peaks and the valleys, the highs and the lows
» Remember what it is to have meaning, purpose, and a sacred relationship with your life.
» Gain the power to release old, tired stories that no longer serve you or the planet and step back into the fully self-expressed being, the wild soul that you are.
» Use the magic of archetype and story to transform on both a personal and a global scale.
» Receive practical and powerful tools on how to rewrite your story in the world, moving forward from a place of conscious awakened intention

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Later Event: November 11
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