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Retreat // "Woman! Reclaim Your Wild"

  • Park Cir NY, 11218 United States (map)


You are invited...



Join Rachael from Wild Soul Wellness ( and special guests ) for an exploration of freedom, fun, and femininity. This single-day soul retreat will be your time to reclaim your wild. 

Within an intimate gathering of sisters, you will explore what it means to be a modern wild woman* navigating life in an urban wilderness.


Re-wild to reconnect.


Reconnect to the earth and to tribe.

Reconnect to your relationships, to yourself, and to a power greater.

Reconnect to your intuition, to your real-ness, your truth. 


By attuning to nature, the elements, and the cosmos, you drop back into a rhythmic ease of life. You remember the women's mysteries through soul food, sisterhood, storytelling, and sensual experiences. Remembering your inner wild is remember your wholeness—a place where you're present with the entirety of YOU. Your innate wise and instinctual nature is both peaceful and powerful... and this is your time to reclaim it. 


One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés



Given the chaos that often accompanies city life, how do you cultivate peace?

In an environment that can sometimes leave you feeling separate and isolated, how do you foster connection? 

Within the day-to-day wilds of an urban jungle, how do you attune to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth?


Live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself. When you are carried away with your worries, fears, cravings, anger, and desire, you run away from yourself and you lose yourself. The practice is always to go back to oneself.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


This experience is for the superheroes and the seekers, the workaholics and the weary, and really, the beautifully human woman. 


In Brooklyn on July 26th, you will explore:

» The journey of reawakening your inner wild woman*

» Pleasure and presence as a pathway to peace

» The healing support of nature, sisterhood, and tribe

» Deep earth wisdom and sacred body intelligence for increased intuition and manifestation power

» Practices that will help you stay sane and soulful in a fast-paced, energetically demanding urban lifestyle


A day retreat is a perfect opportunity to briefly turn off autopilot to climb back into the drivers seat of your life... to invest in not just yourself, but all those you come into contact with. 

I have dedicated my life to the "rewilding" movement. I have worked with hundreds of people of all ages, witnessing them remember their deep connections the wild nature, both around and within themselves. Be among the first women to take this journey together with me. I know in the power of this work and I cannot wait to share this transformational space with you...



"Early Bird" Price  ( Register before July 11 )   » » »   $88

Regular Price  ( Register after July 11 )   » » »   $111


for those in financial need  »  inquire about payment plan or sliding scale (no questions asked)




We gather to reawaken our wild inner wisdom. 

Coming together to celebrate our inner goddess nature, we cultivate a sacred space for a special kind of magic to unfold. We will learn to reawaken our wild by attuning to the Earth, by honoring the intelligence of our bodies, and by opening ourselves up to receiving pleasure. Arrive with a curious heart and leave with a joyful reconnection with your wise instinctual nature.


We gather to celebrate sisterhood and the wisdom of our grandmothers.

Acknowledging the distrust and betrayal experienced at the hands of other women in the past, we will work to consciously shift the story of our relationships with other women. We will work to cultivate bonds that are unconditional in their level of support. Within the container of sisterhood, we will dive into the healing Earth wisdom of our ancestors. Come together or come alone.... We will arrive as strangers and leave as sisters. 


We gather to seek truth and a sacred connection to our souls. 

The only requirement on this retreat? Be you, fully and authentically. This will be a practice in vulnerability, allowing yourself to step up and be seen. Held within a space of non-judgement and support, you will learn to fully commit to yourself and the wild journey that is your life. By journeying into the realm of soul, we heal ourselves to heal the world. 


We gather to unlock the intelligence of our bodies.

The intelligent self-organizing principles of nature and the innate self-healing capacity of the female body have powers beyond what the human mind is capable of understanding. This retreat will be a practice in embodying the wisdom we contain in every one of our cells. Unlocking this intelligence requires a willingness to get out of our own way. Together, we will slow down and go within, learning to step aside and trust that wisdom. 


We gather in nature to play and have fun.

Green spaces are an urban wild woman's sanctuary. We will come together there to remember the roots that run within us down into Mother Earth. We will laugh, and play, and be children together again. Through this retreat, we will be renewed and reinvigorated for life in the urban jungle.

We need the tonic of wildness... We can never have enough nature.
— Henry David Thoreau


It is time to reclaim your wild... remember the healing powers of the Earth. reignite your sacred relationship with life. recognize the wisdom already there within you.  

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anaïs Nin

*Who is Wild Woman?

She is passionately creative, quirky, and curious, purposefully blazing her own path in the world. 
She is intuitively guided by the signs around her, trusting her feminine grace and the gentle pull of wild nature on her heartstrings.
She is pregnant with authentic power, deeply inspired by the big questions, by pursuits of truth, and by the messy practice of living.

This Wild Woman is YOU.

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman...
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Join us, wild one...