EIGHTEEN ft. Erin Telford

About Erin

Erin believes your light is just as informative and valuable as your shadow and holds space for both. Her mission is to help people heal their relationships with themselves. She pulls from a toolbox of therapeutic conversation, lifestyle and spiritual counseling, essential oils, crystals, mantra and other healing tools. She is a healer, acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki Master and leads individual and group Breathwork sessions.  Erin was recently featured in Refinery 29 as one of “6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness in New York City.”  She is also a regular contributor to The Numinous online magazine.  Erin’s private practice is located in Chelsea in New York City.




In this episode

↠ The reclamation and redefinition of "the healer"
↠ Courageously examining what’s in our Pandora’s box
↠ The role of shadow work as self love and as a personal responsibility
↠ Understanding our emotions as a kind of guidance system
↠ Meeting everyone (including ourselves) as teachers
↠ The importance of intentionality and becoming conscious of the light and dark of everything in life
↠ Learning how to consciously curate our environments






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Website: ErinTelford.com
Instagram: @ErinTelford__
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