ONE ft. Lola Medicine Keeper

About Lola

Lola Medicine Keeper is a modern-day Shaman— a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. Her irreverently effective work has earned her the description “bulletproof coffee meets tribal elder.” Drawing on an extensive design background and years of animal and plant medicine studies, Lola creates world-class (and wickedly fun) shamanic training in her virtual Wild Playground. She also offers shamanic play retreats around the globe and mentors a VIP group of apprentices in the art & practice of wildly rich living. Lola is mom to two wild babes, married to the sacred masculine, and she believes ecstatic curiosity is the key to all that’s holy. 


In this episode

↠ Archetypes
↠ Animal totems
↠ Shadow work
↠ Mental health and emotional healing
↠ Play and storytelling as healer
↠ Learning to alchemize life toxins into medicine


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Instagram: @medicinekeeper
Podcast: Wild Playground


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