SEVEN ft. Sara Sophia Eisenman

About Sara

Sara Sophia Eisenman is a writer, energy healer and mentor, Berkeley-educated neuroscientist, and a wife and mother of two children. Her work serves to reintegrate the feminine aspect of the divine into the fabric of the collective, while helping women move more deeply into their personal authenticity and power. Her work also focuses on using shamanic writing, dance and ceremony as a means of transmitting consciousness and accessing/healing deep trauma in the body through archetypal and shadow work, and she blogs on these topics daily on Facebook to a large devoted following. She is a trained Reiki master and noted teacher. Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC Berkeley. She also has a Master’s degree from UCLA in culture and performance. 


In this episode

↠ Healing the collective divine feminine
↠ The mainstream medical institution and colonization of the womb space
↠ Shadow work, sharing our stories, and finding the opportunities to reclaim the Goddess’ power buried in our wounds
↠ Sovereignty, soul retrieval, sacred space, and self love
↠ The Dark Goddess and the Mother wound
↠ Clean burning holy rage as an expression of love
↠ The role of ritual, ceremony, and embodiment in the journey of healing trauma


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Instagram: @SaraIsSilver


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