SIXTEEN ft. Erin Schroeder

About Erin

Erin Schroeder is a highly trained psychic teacher and healer. She is passionate about helping people develop their very human spiritual abilities, understand the unique language of their body and their spirit and helping her students create whole healthy relationships in their lives. She loves teaching online and in private, on the concepts she created called #psychicnutrition and #relationshipwitchery. She also runs a class called Psychic Witch Bitch, becoming a psychic coach, which is all about helping the next generation of teachers and healers develop their own teaching abilities and providing real tools to take into their practices so they can be confident in their ability to change lives. Erin is excited by conscious human evolution on every level. She pulls from her variety of trainings in her 17 plus years in the healing industry, to provide her students with the most comprehensive learning experience. 



In this episode

↠ The practice of grounding and coming back down to a practical magic
↠ Relationship witchery, becoming our own soulmate, and forming a sacred union between the masculine and feminine within ourselves
↠ Creating the conditions that allowed us to Tinder our way to true love
↠ The uniquely wild and deeply individuated process of unconditional love



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Instagram: @PsychicNutrition


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