TEN ft. Denby Royal

About Denby

Denby Royal is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist™, Lifestylist, and advocate for ethical and sustainable fashion. After working for nearly a decade in the fashion industry, she was left with first hand knowledge of the negative impact that it can leave on the environment, those who manufacture the garments, and our bodies. She is dedicated to educating about wholeness—the interconnected relationship we have with the natural world, our physical and mental selves, and communities


In this episode

↠ Practical and holistic life-styling tips for wild women
↠ "Fast fashion" versus sustainable, slow, and conscious self adornment
↠ Reconnecting to storytelling and community building through craftsmanship
↠ Natural human movement practices versus the four percent workout
↠ Slow, local, seasonal, sustainable food systems
↠ Forest bathing and grounding ourselves in nature
↠ Fears about immersing into wild places and the illusion of safety
↠ The restrictive, prohibitive quality of domestication and the freedom of burning our bras


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Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet"


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Website: DenbyRoyal.com
Instagram: @DenbyRoyal


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