THIRTEEN ft. Brooke Hampton

About Brooke

Brooke Hampton is the creator of the popular blogs, Barefoot Five and Holy Flow Parenting. And, in her words: I am... I am a dirt worshiping, sun-gazing, barefoot walking, chocolate eating, book lovin' kitchen witch. I am a guardian to three wild babies, a passionate lover, a gardener, a writer and a loyal friend. I am prone to wandering, dreaming too much and getting myself into all kinds of good trouble. I am…


In this episode

↠ Meeting criticism and learning from our greatest critics
↠ Seeing beyond black or white, right or wrong, good or bad
↠ Cultivating wild bravery and authenticity
↠ The power of inquiry, deep listening, and open communication
↠ Raising free thinking souls as a conscious parent



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Instagram: @BarefootFive and @HolyFlowParenting
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