TWELVE ft. Jennifer Martineau

About Jennifer

Jennifer Martineau is a Haitian-American artist, Nutritional Therapist, and student of nutritious movement. She is currently seeking her Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts with an emphasis on the body as the Site and Method of Decolonization. She is a wild woman from way back and loves to caress the earth and make out with trees and hike every mountain. She just claimed freedom from a 30 year eating disorder and feeling mighty mighty about it. 


In this episode

↠ Systematic colonization of our wildness and the healing power of reclaiming our sovereignty
↠ The importance of connecting with the wild and free child spirit
↠ The role of diversity and activity in the health of an ecosystem
↠ The discomfort associated with wildness and sovereignty
↠ Living in a sick human tribe and collective mental illness as a wake up call for survival
↠ Leaving the human tribe that’s lost touch with the earth and remembering the wild ways of sovereignty that will allow us to survive as a species
↠ The impact of environment on human wellness
↠ Shadow masculinity and the rise of mass violence in the human tribe



Tune In




Gloria Anzaldua's "Letting Go" 
Carolyn Myss’ workshop "Going Deep: Using Archetypes to Explore Personal and Global Change"
“Are you Mentally Ill? or Misdiagnosed Mystic?” [ out of publication *to be re-released soon* ]


Connect with Jenny

Instagram: @JenniferMartineau
Podcast: Mental About Health


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