TWENTY NINE ft. Ariana Felix

Ariana Felix

Ariana's Bio

Ariana is a Boricua born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Lancaster, PA. As an astrologer at Saltwater Stars, she helps humans navigate the relationship between self-awareness and the astral world. Ariana co-facilitates healing justice spaces such as Red Tent (a  sacred space for local women) and Let’s Talk (a local support space for people of color). You can also find her writing unapologetically about healing justice, decolonization & community at Latinx Lancaster. Her work is deeply invested into integrating intuitive strategies for decolonization and the accessibility of radical politic. 


Topics we cover include

↠ The power of ritual and an alternative perspective to the traditional heteronormative take on marriage
↠ Centering relationships as a practice of decolonization
↠ Unsustainable hyper individualized grieving versus communal grief as an agent for healing
↠ Intimacy, accountability, and collaborative alignment
↠ The harm that can come from premature reconciliation
↠ Creating organic brave spaces for healing justice work
↠ The relief in recognizing that we’re not all required to be a channel for building bridges
↠ Honesty as a source of sustainability in relationships
↠ Establishing shared values, connecting on shared vision, and building the container for healthy group work
↠ How we use self-examination, critical analysis, and astrology as tools for healing and justice
↠ How capitalism can show up in a romantic relationship
↠ Prioritizing authenticity and remembering the inseparability of it all
↠ Responsibility, restorative justice, and ancestor work
↠ Acknowledging that there will always be the unspeakable and the unknowable 


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Resources, Footnotes, and Folks Mentioned in the episode

Slow Holler Deck — "The Lovers"
Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown 


Connect with Ariana

Instagram: @saltwater.stars


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