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Lola Venado

Lola's Bio

Born with river blood, magic bones, and a moonlit heart, Lola Venado is a botanical bruja, word forager, gatherer of Moon circles and dinner parties. She believes comida es medicina and there’s nothing good food and drink can’t help heal. An ally to the salty and the sacred, she honors ancestral ritual, folk medicine, and story magik in her own way. When she's not traveling in her van to pray at the altars of forest, river, and ocean, Lola is cultivating everyday magic in the river city of Sacramento.


Topics we cover include

↠ Remembering that not everyone in our people, liberation from needing to be "all the things,” and appreciating the mightiness within the small
↠ Illness and crisis as a catalyst for rebirth and transformation
↠ The lifelong evolution of self, accepting our multidimensionality, and owning who we are while also putting old versions of ourselves to rest
↠ Finding tenderness and creating space for the evolution of others around us
↠ The difference between putting on a front and embodying different aspects of self
↠ Grieving and honoring the death of our past selves and recognizing how a burial ritual can affect decomposition, transformation, and integration
↠ Unpacking the bypass potential of always jumping into "releasing what no longer serves us" 
↠ Learning to take on what's nurturing and not take on what's harming
↠ Shadow work as dialoguing with darker aspects of self
↠ Cultural orphancy, white supremacy, cultural appropriation, and colonization
↠ The deleterious effects of living in a grief illiterate culture
↠ Reclaiming the grief practices and death rituals of our ancestors
↠ Approaching ancestral work from a multicultural, multiracial perspective
↠ The desire to be a good ancestor as a motivating factor for the expression of and commitment to a whole-self reclamation
↠ Denial of one's own culture as an act of self preservation in the face of racism


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Resources, Footnotes, and Folks Mentioned in the episode

↠ Alexis P. Morgan


Connect with Lola

Instagram: @lolavenado
Podcast: The Branch and Bone Medicine Show


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