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Marybeth Bonfiglio

Marybeth's Bio

I am a mother to three daughters.  I live as creatively, honestly, imperfectly as I can so that my daughters have permission to show up in this world as they are. We live exploring and trying to deepen relations and connections. And connecting all relationships. 

My people came through Ellis Island in the early 1900s from Sicily and mainland Italy.  I am deeply devoted to knowing my roots and learning the ways of the land. I believe this is some of the most crucial work I can do right now. As I learn to belong, I can let go of the programming of colonizer mentality. Before then, we found our ways. 

I was raised by a housewife/devout old country catholic + mother of 7 kids, a clean freak, and daily meditator.  And a father was a grade school drop out, a professional bookie, undiagnosed mentally ill, and life long hustler who never fully bought into the capitalist system. My mother taught me how to nurture. My father taught me how to rebel.

I am a writer.  Writing feels like making love to me, to the world, to you.  It is how I connect. Relate. It is how I heal. I began writing as a child for joy and for a way to escape and survive. Writing is a service, a responsibility. And I take it seriously.  

I support those who believe in uprising through their voice. I support those on the writing path. I support those ready to up-level their words to full bodies of work. 

I am a also midwife. I was both trained and was passed on this skill by teachers and my great grandmother, Sophia, who sat at the foot of birth with immigrant women that stayed in a boarding house in rural Pennsylvania. I do not attend births anymore. Instead I hold space for us all, in life, in creativity, in healing.  My main method in this is trust. I trust those who come to me. 

I hold space in the liminality. The places where we are wandering and looking for deeper reasons. An old world is dying, and we are birthing a new one. Our old selves are dying and we are aching to create new ones. 

I hold space as you write or grieve {or both} your way home.

When I do writing work or intuitive work, it's always from a place of lived experience and ancestral wisdom from my linage {southern Italian folk spirituality}. Mostly my tarot cards and my training in traditional midwifery are tools I respectfully utilize to deepen connection, form profound relationships, and develop real intimacies within my community. I am deeply interested in the space where culture and spirituality intersect. 

I am believe we are here now to resist. All the programming. All the dogma. But also to trust. Right where we are. And let go. It is a back and forth. A fight and a release. A contraction and an expansion. We cannot do one without the other. The way we know what to do, is to learn to become good artists, good ancestors, good humans. To become the wisdom we never received.

To use your voice. To write. To create. To rest. To be part of each other. To be in community. This is power. This is change. 

My vision is to create new ways forged with love + compassion, we can feel our grief to new depths, and we can shed our skin and birth a new world into being. Together. 

As a writer, writing coach, intuitive, midwife, and folk/root worker - I am eternally grateful for all the teachers I have had in my life, especially my mother, my grandmother, and all the women behind me.

*i am deeply grateful to the land that allows me to live- currently I live on Multnomah territory that was a tribe of the Chinookam people. I am well aware that I do not own the land I live on and every day I give thanks for the grace of the moss, ferns, trees, dirt, and water that sustains me. 


Topics we cover include

↠ Creating art as a sacred practice versus it being a job or what you do for money
↠ The modern experience of being an artist, acknowledging the influence of capitalism on the creative process, and maintaining integrity as creative entrepreneurs
↠ Is it actually possible to create a “soul aligned” business?
↠ Biomimicry, faith, and the beyond human realm
↠ Living into the idea of not knowing, of giving up
↠ Nature as an intelligent self-regulating being
↠ Being shit humans versus being trash humans, growing together via the fertility of organic decomposition versus canceling and throwing people away
↠ Living the movement and dealing with interpersonal collective trauma loops
↠ Unlearning and inviting a recognition of greater nuance in social spaces
↠ Trauma and resiliency interacting with intuition
↠ Epigenetics, generational trauma, and telling ancestral stories
↠ Our relationship with the body and building a capacity to be with the truth of our direct felt experience
↠ The human body as a fractal of the Earth body
↠ Decomposition as "wise material we share with Earth”
↠ Physical Embodiment, Animism, and Earth Wisdom as inseparable
↠ Working within an embodied and animistic relationship with our bodies and the Earth
↠ Tending to the land in all the ways—the ground that’s holding you up and together, the soil that's feeding you, the humus that’s made of our ancestors



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Resources, Footnotes, and Folks Mentioned in the episode

↠  The RAW Experience with Alexandra Schueler — Episode 13 & 14 "On Being a Trash Human and Learning to do better"
Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown 
Terry Marshall 
Stephen Jenkinson


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Instagram: @marybethbonfiglio


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