TWENTY ft. Ashly Rose Wolf

About Ashly

Ashly Rose Wolf, International Women’s Yoga Teacher & Sensuality Coach and the founder of Femme Rising®, helps women revolutionize their relationship with their bodies so they can unlock their full feminine potential.

Her own sensual and feminine awakening led to the discovery an epidemic; women living numbed out and shameful lives - and a new mission to create a platform where modern women could access the ancient wisdom that upholds and honors the sensual and cyclical nature of the female form.

Dedicated to breaking the taboos that surround women and their bodies, Femme Rising® empowers to women reclaim their power sensual and sovereign power by reawakening the sacred and powerful feminine wisdom (Shakti) that lives within the walls of their skin.

With a deep belief that the body is portal to the Divine; Femme Rising uses cycle syncing, sensual yoga, holistic nutrition and an ancient yogic science called Tantra to help women cultivate confidently feminine and sensual lives in alignment with their body, psyche, cycle and Shakti.

Ashly believes that every woman deserves to live empowered and activated feminine lives, and that when one woman rises, we all rise.


In this episode

↠ The vaginal/brain connection, orgasm, and the nervous system
↠ Vagina and pleasure as a portal to soul
↠ Bodily trauma and recalibration of our energetic patterns
↠ Experiencing shameless pleasure
↠ Stress and the instinctual nature of Wild Woman
↠ Unraveling the shame of mental "illness" 
↠ The role of pharmaceuticals and de-stigmatizing the use of medication as a tool for wellness
↠ Developing a holistic arsenal of tools to help us attend to our well-being
↠ The invaluable role of humility and integrity in the nature of a teacher-student relationship


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Vagina by Naomi Wolf


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Instagram: @femme.rising


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