TWENTY ONE ft. Lindsay Mack

About Lindsay

Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing and Soul Tarot School, is an intuitive healer, holistic counselor and tarot reader based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers and facilitates Soul Tarot Readings, Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching, Mentorship, and Tarot Trainings for those who desire to heal, evolve and live fully on their true soul path. 

She is the creator of Soul Tarot, a way of interpreting, understanding and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as wild medicine for our soul's evolution. Soul Tarot is a fusion of channeled wisdom from her guides, her 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, and her own healing journey through deep trauma and suffering. She is currently writing a book on Tarot for the Wild Soul, which will be released in 2018.


In this episode

↠ What it means to embody our witchy-ness, including the cellular memories of feeling misunderstood and rejected
↠ Bringing our human complexities into friendships with people we hold space for
↠ The protection of our inner lives
↠ Cultivating a fierce commitment to one's own inner compass as an act of instinctual mothering
↠ How the act of mothering brings our relationship with our child self to the forefront
↠ The consequences of modern culture and the loss of the village on mothering
↠ Using both divination and motherhood as a practice in justice
↠ The responsibility of shadow work in holding space for others


Tune In




“Her Kind” by Anne Sexton
"Witch" by Lisa Lister


Connect with Lindsay

Instagram: @wildsoulhealing and @tarotforthewildsoul 


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