Facing an Uncertain Future, Together

When you think of anthropogenic climate disruption… What do you sense in your body?

When you consider your place within Earth’s 6th great extinction event… What feels real for you?

When you consider your place within the collective responses to this crisis… Who is it that you connect with? 

We’ve found ourselves at a critical time in human history.

Would you be interested in an online offering to collectively process & grieve climate derailment, ecological destruction, and environmental loss + discuss regenerative practices to counter widespread effects of ecocide on the health and wellbeing of our human and nonhuman communities?

What is it?

  • A temporary community of concerned folks utilizing radical presence, deep inquiry, and real togetherness to individually and collectively build our capacity to live embodied through these painful and precarious times

  • A nod to our natural inclination for connection through periods of chaos

  • A facilitated container to participate in discourse on our rapidly changing world

  • An offering in service of an alternate life-supportive narrative

We will come together for twelve weeks to practice:

  • Turning towards the realities we face

  • Naming the distress we are experiencing

  • Acnkowledging the losses + damage done

  • Being with the trouble

  • Tending to our collective nervous system

Developing our capacity to hold what is happening right now in our bodies and nervous systems

Consciously acknowledging a shared concern for climate chaos, ecological destruction, and environmental loss + their widespread effects on the health and wellbeing of our human and nonhuman communities

Naming the emotional and psychological distress we are experiencing over climate disruption and ecocide

Examining the nexus between human health and ecological health by recognizing the indivisible interconnections and animistic relationships between people, flora, fauna, and geophysical places

Resisting business-as-usual through a willingness to open our eyes towards a planet in suffering

Processing our solastalgia, together

Acknowledging the links between ecocide/climate chaos and the systems/global geopolitical forces of kyrarchy, colonialism, neoliberalism, capitalism, industrial growth society, white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia/homophobia, the police state, the military and medical industrial complex

Activating new myths to construct alternative narratives to the dominant culture

Inviting an embodied praxis integrating emerging theoretical knowledge of brain and trauma science, ontology, systems theory, regenerative somatics, ecofeminism, deep ecology, healing justice

Sharing resources, bridging connections, and brainstorming ways to take immediate, medium, and long-term action in our homes and our communities

Forming an intentional space to counter the natural human trauma responses of helplessness, isolation, and the loss of power and control. 

What this experience is not:

This space will not offer answers. What it will be is a brave space and a temporary community of people asking how we might be able to honor, process, and live through the unprecedented times we face together.

This space will not invest in the illusion that we can go about this alone.

This space will not assume that we are all tasked with doing the same thing. 

This space will not offer platitudes, convenient truths, or easy one-off solutions. 

This space will not focus on individual survivalism.

What this experience entails:

Twelve weekly virtual gatherings on ZOOM

Resource List

My lineage

I credit this work to a set of teachers I’ve had the privilege of studying from.