As Carl Jung said, "The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." This is not a cookie-cutter, easily marketable, pre-packaged process of healing, because that is not how Wild Soul Wellness works. Instead, working together one-on-one is an opportunity to experience a highly individualized and deeply personal healing journey. 

My style of guidance is deeply intuitive, nourished in the moment by the sovereign space that is created between us. For our time together, I draw from a blend of ancient tradition and modern knowledge as healing for your soul and medicine for the planet. This experience is holistic, explorative, and transformational.

this journey will heal.

You are an exceptional woman of divine origins—not something to be fixed. I am not a life coach and this work is not about self-improvement or checking one more thing off your to-do list. I am here to hold space for your unique gifts, to listen deeply to that which seeks to be birthed through you, and to reflect back to you the natural wisdom you contain. 

This journey will challenge you and stretch you in new ways. In fact, it may just break you open—to the beauty that you already are, to parts of yourself you've long hidden away, to shadows ready to be integrated and made whole through loving compassion. 

this journey will transform.

This work was created to guide you in remembering your power, allowing you to redefine your life on your own terms. It was crafted to help you access meaning to the dream of the Earth being lived through you at this time. It was formed to put your personal journey in the context of the unfolding story we are creating together as a collective. 

Our one-on-one time together will offer you valuable tools and processes to get solid on your values and your vision, to align with your gifts, and to make clear any obstacles holding you back from thriving. It will serve to ground you, empower you, and reawaken your innate knowing and your ability to heal yourself.


"A succulent wild woman is one of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life..."

- sark


What others are saying about working with me...


Wild Guide Session

 One 60-minute intuitive guidance Session with Rachael Alaia

Seeking personalized counsel and clarity on your path? 
Yearning to be seen, heard, and held in a space of compassion?
Ready to feel peaceful, grounded, and open to divine guidance?


Join me for a one time intuitive guidance session and experience what it feels like to live and from your wild soul and thrive from the inside out. These sessions are mostly unstructured so as to allow the intuitive process to unfold. As a healer, wellness educator, and intuitive guide, it is my role to create a safe, sacred space for you to dive into your own deep soul work. 

Together, we will meet for one 60-minute session using an online platform called ZOOM. While it is difficult to foresee what may arise in each session, the work may include an exploration of your personal story through the archetypal world, an oracle card or tarot reading, establishment of personalized rituals, or an insight that arrives via guided meditation or shamanic journey. This is a perfect place to begin, or deepen, your exploration of your wild self. Whatever your personal needs, I am here to be a mirror and a facilitator for you to arrive at your own inner wisdom. 


An investment of $111 USD


Wild Woman Mentorship

➳ an explorative 1:1 soul journey WITH RACHAEL ALAIA

Longing to develop a sacred, sensual, embodied relationship with your life?
Eager to unleash your creativity, your intuition, and your wild instinctual nature?
Prepared to navigate your depths and soar to new heights?


Working together for a longer period allows you to feel supported as you move through your healing process, create sustainable systems to thrive, and get down to the bones of what you're here to share with the world. Through a personalized mentorship experience with me, you will access the kind of focus and inspiration to make important shifts and create a life you've been dreaming of. Get ready to feel divinely harmonious, luminous, and empowered in the skin you're in! 

Over a three month period, we will have three 90-minute mentorship sessions together, plus recordings for later reference, along with three additional 20-minute check in calls between sessions. Based on where you are in your life, plus the unique vision you hold for yourself, these sessions may be more practical—shifting paradigms, understanding the roots of your beliefs, or creating systems to help you thrive—or they may be more mystical—focusing on working with the unseen realms, developing your intuitive powers, or establishing a connection with the sacred. You may leave with a series of personalized practices, plans for a uniquely designed ritual, book recommendations, or home-play assignments to integrate between sessions. Whatever your needs, I will use all the intuitive magic in my spell box to help you unleash the wise and wild woman within you. 

It's time to reawaken your instinctual nature with an intuitive, inspirational, and soul sister by your side! 


An investment of $700 USD
[[ monthly payment plans are available ]]