"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."
—Carl Jung

This is not a cookie-cutter, easily marketable, pre-packaged process, because that is not how I work. 

My style of guidance is deeply intuitive, nourished by the sovereign third space that is created between us. This experience is holistic, explorative, and transformational.

I believe that you are an exceptional human being—not something to be fixed. This work is not about self-improvement or checking one more thing off your self-care to-do list. I am here to hold space for your unique gifts, to listen deeply to that which seeks to be birthed through you, and to reflect back to you the natural wisdom you contain. 

This journey will challenge you and stretch you in new ways. In fact, it may just break you open—to the beauty that you already are, to parts of yourself you've long hidden away, to shadows ready to be integrated and made whole through radical authenticity and compassion. 

What I offer you in this work is…

  • an invitation to go at your own pace
  • a climate of trust and belonging
  • a sense of healing through radical authenticity
  • intuitive private council and down-to-earth spiritual development
  • midwifery through any challenging questions and difficult life transitions
  • holding sacred space for deep inquiry, reflective honoring, and profound listening
  • experiential somatic work based in the body
  • the service of having your own personal soothsayer and truth teller
  • a safe container to learn how to renegotiate your self-concept, your place in the world, and your relationship with the tough stuff

In our time together, we may focus in a number of different areas including, but not limited to...

  • accessing and expressing your unique voice
  • attending to your boundaries
  • grief and shadow work
  • inhabiting the mess of being human
  • accessing strength through vulnerability
  • self-trust, self-love, and self-reliant healing
  • deepening into intuition and body wisdom
  • embodied storytelling for unraveling and owning your personal mythos
  • sacred activism, acknowledging your privileges, and leveraging your gifts as an agent of change for our shared liberation
  • disrupting oppressive cultural narratives you’ve internalized
  • cultivating emotional resilience by destigmatizing layers of the human emotional spectrum
  • honoring paradoxes and breaking down binaries
  • allowing you to feel what you feel and know what you know
  • being seen, and held, and heard right where you are

What I don’t do is…

  • positive psychology or law-of-attraction mind-fuckery
  • lifestyle design, life “hacks,” or invalidating new age-isms
  • any prescription or performance of culturally appropriative or insensitive rituals and practices
  • assume to know you or what’s best for you, better than you do
  • pretend to have all the answers
  • ignore sociocultural contexts to your healing
  • teach from a pedestal, expert leveraging, or guru-ism

Folks who have worked with me share that they…

  • gain greater perspective and tremendous self-awareness
  • feel more at home in themselves and their skin
  • are in greater alignment with the work they feel compelled to create
  • experience deeper self-trust and greater confidence in themselves
  • witness their relationships transform and resolve
  • can hold more space for themselves and for others
  • feel humbled and empowered to create lasting change
  • give themselves permission to feel things that were once off limits
  • are more comfortable being seen and expressing themselves more fully
  • make strides in their communication with their loved ones
  • experience greater self-love and acceptance
  • feel at peace and no longer feel ashamed to be a work in progress
  • are able to embrace and respect their rhythmic cyclical nature more fully





Single Consult Session

 One 60-minute private session
Offered on a sliding scale of $111-222* USD per session


3-month Deep Dive

➳ Six biweekly 75(ish)-minute sessions over 12 weeks
Offered on a sliding scale of $400-600* USD per month

* Like all my work, I offer these services on a sliding scale. Sliding scale is a tool that I utilize that creates multiple access points to make this work more accessible and inclusive. Sliding scale means that my clients can choose to contribute anywhere between the amounts shown, depending on their monetary resources and an honest evaluation of their level of privilege and their current economic realities. I am passionate about imagining ways of reciprocating goods and services beyond our current capitalistic system. I find this is a way I can both honor my own financial needs while also engaging in experimental forms of exchange that bypass unjust and unsustainable models of reciprocity.