1:1 Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a path that leads to wild freedom. By uniting body, mind, and spirit, yoga seeks to bring positive lifeforce energy to all areas of one’s life. Yoga asana (postures) strengthens and lengthens the physical body as well as provides a doorway to access one’s energetic, emotional, and mental spaces.

Breath awareness and intention serve as one’s guide throughout the practice. And because the practice of yoga allows us to be the change we wish to see in the world, I practice with peace, compassion, radiance, and purpose.

Traditionally, yoga teachers worked with students one-on-one. In this way, a teacher supported the development of a deeply personalized yoga practice for each student individually. Private yoga instruction follows this ancient model: offering an ideal space for those wishing to learn how to modify poses safely and effectively, work with injuries or specific health conditions, and/or study in a more exclusive setting. 

Nearly impossible to provide in a larger classroom setting, the depth of personalized private yoga instruction can tremendously enhance a student’s personal practice. Newcomers, individuals with specific health concerns or injuries, or those who simply want to perfect their form are invited to book a session.

What does a session look like?

Before our first session, you will submit a client intake form. These questions will provide me a better idea as to the trajectory of our time together.

The nature of our sessions will be determined by your desires and the goals you have for your practice. Maybe you have concerns or questions on a particular pose, breath practice, or meditation technique. If so, I'm your girl. Or maybe you would prefer me to forward you a practice beforehand to try on your own, and then consult for specific practice related questions. That is also an option. Or perhaps you simply wish to be led through a balanced practice that is catered to your unique body and your particular desires. This is your practice and your time.


» If you live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico... we will conduct our sessions on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking old town PV. Sessions usually run 60-minutes, depending on your needs. 

» If you do not live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico... don't worry, we can still work together! We will conduct our sessions via Skype. All you will need is an internet connection and a laptop/phone/tablet device with a camera and microphone. 

What others are saying...

I found Rachael to be very personable, gentle, and patient while teaching. The work was challenging at times, but she was able to successfully coach me through it. Her teachings have always remained with me. Rachael is a true yogi in heart and spirit.
— T. Shimabuku (Maui, USA)
Rachael’s unique style of teaching grew on me, and there were many layers of understanding that unfolded as I studied with her. Her knowledge blasted through my ego!
— A. Rose (Maui, USA)
I began working with Rachael after my experience with cancer. She took special interest in helping me rebuild. Her style of teaching is very encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting. She is amazing with her sensitivity. She is my special yogi.
— R. Gudjonsson (Maui, USA)

Choose a yoga package...

» Power Hour

Receive one 1:1 yoga session (60 minutes)

You invest $50 USD or $500 MEX 

*$10 USD/$100 MEX for each additional person, for up to 3 people

» Per Month

Receive four private yoga sessions (one 60 minutes session each week)

You invest $180 USD (a $20 savings)

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