rachael alaia

I feel compelled to "disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.”

I tend towards giving voice and validity to the difficult parts of being human that many prefer to avoid.

I work to stir the pot. My work really asks us to renegotiate our relationship to beig human, as we’ve been taught or conditioned or believe ourselves to be. My work invites us to imagine things differently.

I am committed to disrupting the ways we exist that disregard life, denigrate the wellness of all beings, and desecrate that which is sacred and true. 

I reject the notion that I have to deliver my message in a certain manner or tone to be worthy of being received. I value truth and compassion, and believe the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

I will not stand for homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, racism, classism, ableism, ageism, sizeism, imperialism, fascism, or any expression of hatred or oppression, conscious or unconscious, towards someone’s race, gender expression, sexuality, nationality, income level, ability, age, size, or body type. 

I come from a long line of folks navigating a lot of hurt, and trauma, and pain. I recognize that, like me, most of us are working hard to break those cycles.

I dream + work consistently towards a regenerative existence that honors and redeems the survivors, the hurt, the silenced, the oppressed of the world. 

I carry with me over a decade of creating and facilitating transformative learning experiences in a variety of different forms. 



This work is interested in midwifing the death of unsustainable, anthropocentric, capitalist growth machine, climate change denying, prison industrial complex, white-supremacist, patriarchal, power-hungry perspectives and practices of being human, so as to attend to the birth of an authentic, regenerative, life-supporting, non-heirarchal, liberatory, holistic, integral, Earth-centered paradigm that collaborates + commingles within emerging commons + serves as praxis for individuals, relationships, + communities seeking to enhance their sense of resilience + well-being.

This work is committed to inspiring a divergent way of doing this thing called being human—one that both challenges the ideas we take for granted as truth, fact, or reality, while also works to create a cohesive narrative of our stories about ourselves + the world, to re-member our body's felt experience and our self-determination, to take responsibility for our own creative/destructive powers, to recognize our ways of mothering + caretaking ourselves + others, to take ownership of our particular visions on birth + death, to empower our definitions of success + failure, and to cast new myths of grief, rage, pain + pleasure.

This work is intent on learning, learning, and lots more learning—with the primarily objective being a learning towards existing in right relationship, with the planet, with each other, with ourselves, with what’s always left unseen. And by “right” I don’t mean an exchange that’s policed as proper, nice, or civilized. But a way of relating that is grounded in respect and integrity. A way of interacting that is honorable, reciprocal, and real.

This work is rooted in a somatic, systems-based, experiential inquiry of the anthropocene—particularly exploring how we humans might reclaim our wild sovereignty and extracate our wholeness from internalized and systematic structures of oppression by way of our bodies, how we might increase our capacity to show up more fully, more connected, and more powerful in our lives through our actions, how we might act out and embody the profound complexities of what it means to be human right now on planet Earth.


I do not assume that my work is universally applicable or beneficial to every single person, painting a broad brush stroke across the lives of all who might engage—to assume so would be to overlook the distinct needs we have as a diverse group of individuals. I don’t want to invalidate and erase our differences; I want to honor them.

This work is not a pathway to bolster a cultural preoccupation with perpetual positivity, constantly being happy, or feeling good all the time. It is not about fixing our fucked up-ness, softening the blows of reality, reconciling the mayhem we face, or about making the hurt disappear. Rather, it’s intent on being in the mess, reconnecting to our humanness, restoring a certain grounded resilience, and learning to value the beautifully varied full spectrum of our human expression and interwoven existence.

This work is not for achieving perfection, receiving any kind of absolute expertise, coming up with impenetrable explanations, diminishing anyone’s direct lived experience, or giving unsolicited advice. It is neither conventional wisdom nor an easily marketable set of rules, conditions, or recipes to success, but is a kind of art that asks you to build + discover + engage with what’s real for you.

This work is not here to tell you how to live, respond, react, relinquish, revel in. It's not the magic bullet or the cure-all. I’m not claiming to have all the answers or pretending to know something that it actually doesn’t.

It's not trying to be anything more than what it is: which is wildly curious, deeply humble, intent on truth + integrity.