I am Rachael Alaia...


It feels a bit difficult to box me into a one-liner or elevator pitch. I, like you, am a rather complex, multifaceted creature. 

I am any and all of the things, really. And I'm constantly shifting, changing, and cycling—like the Earth itself.

What I'm not here for is to hoard accolades, to prove myself, or to display how much I've learned. Truth be told, I don't know you better than you do. I do not claim enlightenment or to always having my shit together (In fact, I'm wary of those who declare themselves such).

What I am here to do is bring all of my gifts and my whole heart to the work I do. And I'm honored you've found your way here to my little corner of the interwebs.

I am a mother, educator, land keeper, and facilitator. I am a seer, a seeker, a storyteller, and an alchemist of sorts. 

I am passionate about creating spaces that are inclusive, authentic, just, and honor the nuance of what it means to be human. Spaces that honor all parts of you and your experience.

A connector of people, words, and ideas, I like to ask deep questions and live my way into the answers.

And I am a forever student of this thing called life.

My many journeys have brought me around the world and back again, both literally and symbolically, externally and internally. I carry the blood of ancestors from the Scottish Highlands, England, France, Sweden, and Turtle Island (the United States of America). I have had the privilege of traveling to over twenty different countries and I've spent extended time living in several of them.

Now, I am currently growing roots in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on the land where I was born. 


I do this work in service to those yearning to express a genuine, wholehearted, and soulful existence within the context of the dominant patriarchal, supremacist, consumer-driven social order; As an educator and mentor, I help engage my students and clients in transformation for personal and collective liberation.

I teach and facilitate group work, via workshops, gatherings, and retreats. I do this both online and in person. 

I write words of fire on social media

I produce and host a podcast

I serve as mentor for individuals on a path of whole self-reclamation.

My ever evolving body of work is informed by feminism, animism, and depth psychology, earth wisdom, expressive arts therapy, and somatics, deep ecology, storytelling, and shadow work, witchcraft, motherhood, and sacred activism. I offer this work in honor of my teachers, my ancestors, and my son. And I share it with a deep acknowledgement of my able bodied-ness, my privilege, and my humble place as a human walking this Earth during these trying times. 

I hold a Masters in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University with a specific focus on communication, community building, grassroots advocacy, holistic wellness, and deep ecological philosophy. I am a trained yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and a personal practitioner of yoga since I was fourteen years old. I have lived and studied the creative arts as a therapeutic method for trauma my entire life.

I've completed facilitation training in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Cross Cultural Studies program and Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects.

Other individuals I consider to be teachers and influencers of mine include (but are not limited to) Andrea Ranae Johnson, Adrienne Maree Brown, Isabel Abbott, Alexis P. Morgan, Layla Saad, Rachael Rice, Marybeth Bonfiglio, Alexandra Schueler, Abigail Rose Clarke, Stacy Jordan Shelton, Adyashanti, Peter A. Levine, Gabor Maté, Alan Clements, Nicki Doane, Ger Lyons, David Whyte.

These days, much of my energy is channeled into mothering a fierce, smile-filled, wildly active toddler. He is the most delightful and gorgeous little spirit. He loves to dance, frolick in the ocean, and play the drums. He's already a seasoned camper and quite the adventurous water baby.

Any free time I create for myself is mostly spent cuddling in bed with my family, developing a relationship with plants, reading and listening to audio books, road tripping and camping, shaking my booty and singing loudly in the car, laughing (and sometimes snorting), eating way too much dark chocolate, ice cream, and street tacos (usually not together), sipping on some seriously delicious tequila, surfing and stand up paddleboarding, going on long walks barefoot through jungle trails and cobblestone streets, and doing all the mundane things to sustain life.


Rachael Alaia is many things, including mother, writer, educator, facilitator, artist, storyteller, healer, and witch. She stands in service to those reclaiming their birthright of unfettered wholeness and attends to a resilient hearth fire of our mutual healing and liberation. Rachael practices community-based intuitive healing that weaves together fierce truth-telling, advocacy, earth-based ritual, movement medicine, and anti-oppression work. She is known for creating and facilitating spaces that are both nourishing and provocative, comforting and life-changing; Spaces that honor the entirety of the human experience.

Rachael holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies. She is an experienced yoga practitioner, teacher, and spiritual guide, a trained facilitator of transformational group work, and has lived through and studied the creative arts as a therapeutic method for trauma her entire life. Rachael lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she teaches workshops online and in the flesh, produces and hosts a podcast, offers private council and mentorship, shares her word magic on the inter webs of social media, and cultivates an ongoing community of learning on Patreon. She is humbled and honored to have the privilege to engage in this work.