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Ayurveda-Inspired Nutritional Therapist,
Yoga Instructor, chef, and founder of BE NUTRITIOUS










Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman...
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Dear Sister,

You are invited on a very special journey to explore the heart of your own Wild Woman nature. 


And, just who is this Wild Woman?  


She is one who lives in reverence of the ways of the earth and the knowledge of those who came before. Guided by her intuition and her inner wisdom, she is passionate about practicing deep authenticity and the poetry of living unconditionally. She lives embodied, acknowledging the power of self-care and understanding the healing power that arises when she fully honors her female form. Synchronizing with the rhythms and cycles of nature, heeding her desires, and inhabiting her innate wholeness, she is tapped into a wellspring of potent feminine power. And aligning with a shared vision of joy and freedom for all, she turns towards her soul's calling and steps out in greatest service to her community and to this planet.  


This Wild Woman is YOU.


There are times when we must step away. Leave behind the routine world of our day-to-day lives in order to reawaken this wild wisdom and tap into a source of nourishment for the health of body, mind, and soul. Wild Rhythm Journey was designed and created for you, the modern Wild Woman, to arrive and receive those essential nutrients that support your natural capacity to thrive. 


We welcome you to step inside a sacred circle of soul sisters
 this summer as we gather for a single-day soul retreat.


This Wild Rhythm Journey is an invitation to lean in and settle into your wild wisdom and imagination. It is a chance to explore a new way of being in the world, one that honors your body, mind, and soul. It is an opportunity to tap into a healing, transformative force that arises as you dive into a sacred rhythmic connection with life. 


This experience is our gift to you. 


Come to enliven your joy and reconnect with your wild truth. Join us to vivify your own rhythmic expression and restore your connection with the cycles of womanhood and the ebbs and flows of the Earth. Gather to rewrite a new story for yourself and for the world.



There is a wise, instinctual feminine nature within you that awaits reclamation...
Can you feel her calling you home?


and experience the healing power of...

Together, we will explore...


  • Ritual and ceremony
  • The power of play

  • Nature as healer and guide

  • The intelligence of the female body

  • The healing tradition of Ayurveda

  • Holistic nutrition for women's health
  • Dance and movement arts

  • The rhythms and cycles of womanhood

  • The art of imagination and storytelling

  • Deep ecology and Earth wisdom

  • Altar design and preparation

  • Introduction to the five elements and the four cardinal directions

  • Rhythmic sound and shamanic journeying
  • Soul sisterhood connections

  • Sacred activism and living soulfully

  • Witnessing each other in council


Our full and nourishing day together includes...




Discover what "cultivating safe space" means and connect with soul sisters as we open our circle. Here, we will invite you to experience the power of ritual and ceremony, a timeless process of empowering the mundane realm of our day-to-day lives with the healing power of the sacred. You will be introduced to the wisdom of the earth through the elements, the directions, and the intelligent rhythms of wild nature. Participate in the co-creation of an altar space and receive inspiration on how to craft your rituals and form your own sacred spaces at home.



A rhythmic Percussive journey

Learn a few basic sound rhythms to facilitate alternate states of consciousness and drop in to deeper explorations of your own present-moment experience. Through mindful intention and the context of group ceremony, discover what it means to live with your feet in two worlds, divine and human, where you can use the powers of rhythm and imagination to journey more fully into your own nature. 





Mother Earth is a powerful healer and guide. Witness firsthand the Earth's curative properties while immersed in the beauty of Eastern San Diego's foothill mountains. Experience a series of therapeutic nature connection practices designed for you to integrate into your self-care. Develop a "new" way of sensing, learning to notice the natural cycles of the Earth while observing how those wild rhythms appear in your own life.





Conscious eating is vital for healthy, harmonious digestion. When eating is approached as an intuitive experience, the act of eating can be both healing and empowering. Experience an introduction to intuitive eating for wellness, focused on engaging you in the full sensual experience of eating to cultivate response-ability and trust in your body's natural cues. You will also learn about honoring the life-death-life cycle in eating, the process of conscious consumption, and ritually giving thanks for the circumstances that allow you to eat well. 



Together, we will take a look at Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, and see how we can effectively integrate Ayurvedic rhythms and lifestyle options into our lives. We will explore the following questions:

  • Which foods are appropriate for your body type?
  • How do the seasons and the time of day affect which foods we choose to eat?
  • What self-care techniques are appropriate for you?
  • Which herbs are most effective for women's health?
  • How does alkalinity and food combining play an integral part of maintaining a healthy body and mind?

In addition to group discussion, you will have a chance to meet the essence of Ayurveda while sipping on some Masala Chai Tea and having your pulse read and interpreted per Ayurvedic protocol.



Dance and body play are powerful movement meditation forms practices for self-care that tend to our joy and brings us into direct conversation with our own self love. Body play releases our stress, opens our imagination, invigorates our soul, and infuses our lives with the power of joy. Dance, is a natural flowing state of grace in which we all reside. And dancing is an integral part of women's spiritual practice, creating and building community, drawing women together both emotionally and physically in a special sense of intimacy and shared abandon. Together, through the gateway of the body, we will allow our own imaginative play to inform our unique rhythmic expressions, diving deeper into joyful creativity and discovery. 




There exists a potent wisdom that awakens when women gather in sisterhood. Through facilitated discussion and the telling of our own her-stories, we will practice speaking our truth and cultivate the lost art of deep listening. Together, we will explore what "dancing our wild rhythm journey" means for each of us as we leave this experience with a deeper sense of soul awareness and rhythmic relationship to life. Soaking up the creative power of organic discourse that arises within the women who join this circle, you will leave the space feeling grounded, connected, and held. 




Imagine that...

...natural health and harmony arose from an instinctual knowing you already held within you? 

...wellness was not a static destination sitting right out of your reach, but rather, unfolded artfully once you approached your life as an incredible journey to revel in?

...your capacity to thrive was not just skin deep, but was informed by the way you chose to participate with your life? 


What if...

...your life itself was meant to exist as a moving choreography of dance or a brilliant work of art, poetic and deeper than what meets the eye?

...joy wasn’t something else to check off your to-do list or to schedule into your calendar?

... wellness also depended upon the health of your soul?




Reclaiming the Wild Rhythm Journey that is your soul-full life will not make you immune to pain or impervious to the suffering of the world. Taking immaculate care of yourself will not make you invulnerable to life's ups and downs. Living an embodied life of soul cannot stop the storm from barreling through or prevent the sh*t from hitting the fan. 

But what this experience will offer is an opportunity for you to cultivate trust in your own inner guidance system and in your innate ability to thrive. We have curated and crafted a unique experience for you to integrate a valuable set of self-reliant healing tools.  Arrive and learn how to honor the instinctual wisdom of the body, connect with the self-organizing principles of wild nature, and learn to resource from your own imaginative intelligence.


Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.
— Maya Angelou


There is a wisdom within you that seeks to be remembered.

It lives in your bones and in the ebbs and flows of your breath.

It arrives as the waves of your emotional experience or as
symbols and images that visit you in your dreams.

This wisdom is self-healing, self-realized, and self-aware. 






Caroline Sánchez

 photo by Cadencia Photography

photo by Cadencia Photography

Caroline Sánchez is the co-facilitator of WILD RHYTHM JOURNEY and the creator of The Hula Hoop Girl, an Embodied Movement Meditation Practice that guides women to reconnect to their own natural born rhythm while feeling empowered to self-resource and self-express through the transformational power of body play. Caroline's life work, grounded in women's health and women's empowerment began at the age of 21, when her mother Grace, passed away from Breast Cancer. It was at that moment that Caroline began her soul work in the world. 

A practicing oncology nurse for over 12 years, she holds a Master of Science in Nursing Education (MSN) degree, is a certified Breast Care Nurse, a 200hr Registered Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher, a certified One Hoop One Love Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher, and a certified 5 Elements Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. Caroline’s Masters Thesis “Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses” has been published both in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the University of California San Diego’s Nursing Journal. Her life’s work has also been celebrated and featured by her alma mater, Walden University in the 2016 article “Full Circle”.

For the past 15 years, Caroline has provided dedicated, compassionate, comforting, and safe care for her cancer patients throughout their treatments. She has also worked closely with patients naturally transitioning through the death and dying process. Currently, she works with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer providing loving support throughout their journey with cancer. Caroline serves as an effective movement mentor as she guides patients to move through the shock, fear, and grief that accompanies the diagnosis of cancer into new hopes and deeper meaning.  

A true advocate for joy, Caroline also encourages and guides healthcare professionals to use joy replenishment through body play, as a powerful self-care intervention to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, and has offered Hoop Dancing for Self-Care Workshops at several nurses retreats in San Diego, California. She speaks passionately and publicly about the power of play for self-care and for team play for the sake of creating healthier work environments and improved patient outcomes. 

Sweet Caroline has been hoop dancing for joy replenishment for over 10 years and teaches hoop dancing classes and ecstatic journey dance classes within her community for women’s empowerment, is a co-facilitator for the Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher Training and Certification Program at The Rhythm Way, and is a co-facilitator for Wild Rhythm Journey Retreats. Her ecstatic hoop dance flow has been described as mesmerizing, inspiring, whimsical, and Graceful. Her teaching style is authentic, nurturing, playful and empowering. She is a powerful movement guide, facilitating the release of grief and fear, while awakening and nurturing joy. She is a poet, a writer, an Earth advocate, and a women's advocate.  Her life’s work as an Embodied Movement Meditation Educator and Nurse Educator is soulfully dedicated to guiding women to connect with their body, their unique rhythm, and their movements to dance in the center of their joy, feeling empowered to share their unique soul gifts with the world. Come play with Sweet Caroline and dance in the center of your joy! 


What other women are saying about working with Sweet Caroline...

I resisted Caroline for a long time before I let her save my life. Trapped inside fears I didn’t know how to let go of, the freedom that Caroline radiated both scared and beckoned me. The day I finally invited Caroline’s big love into my life, she led me through what I thought was going to be a hula hoop lesson, but quickly became a journey through the five elements of the earth. Through hooping and ecstatic dance, Caroline connected me with the earth below and the skies above and created a space in which I felt supported enough to access parts of my soul I had long ago sealed off from human touch. With her irresistible invitation to set myself free, I cast years of acquired shame into a fire we imagined in front of us, at our feet, in the sand, at the shore, and stepped into a new life. When Caroline swings a hoop around her body, it is neither merely exercise nor dance. When this sincere lover of life swirls a hoop around her body, she seems to summon the same forces of nature that makes the oceans move and the flowers grow. I imagine Caroline can also simply teach a person how to hula hoop, but I think anyone can figure that out by watching an online tutorial. Caroline is more than a teacher. She is a healer. She is a shaman. Beauty is Caroline’s essence and I walk through the world shame-free because of it, because of her.
— Christie Ryan
I have been working closely with Caroline for several years now, developing my plan to manifest all that I want to achieve. She has tailored her work specifically for my needs since I am a single mother and I live in NYC. We conduct Skype sessions to discuss goals and achievements and hoop lessons on skype when we are apart. They are so much fun that my kids join in when they see anything related to hoop dancing. Caroline has been an integral part of my growth and the manifestation of my dreams. I have made many drastic changes in the last few years that attracted judgment from all around me but Caroline was and still is always by my side, voicing empowerment, encouragement and reason. I love my time with her and look forward to what is yet to come.
Kadia Saraf
Sweet Caroline has served as a positively influential guide through my hoop dance journey, where she has lead me to reflect on the power of body play and how the practice of conscious dance movements can serve as a metaphor for my own life. Caroline deeply understands the connection between body, mind, and soul and remains deeply rooted in holding compassionate space as she guides her students to practice self reflection after body play, which can bring forth deep emotions. Ever since my first hoop dance lesson with Caroline at Windansea Beach, I have been hoop dancing almost daily. The embodied movement meditation practice of hoop dancing has released so much for me. I have felt and forgiven memories and emotions I did not even know I carried. Caroline has been a trusting teacher and guide through this entire journey. Her unwavering conviction, tenderness and strength have been a lighthouse for me. There have been classes that leave me feeling joyful and free as a child and she is there, celebrating with me. There have been classes that have left me weeping and she has been there, offering compassion and holding space for decades of unfelt emotion to be released. Her guidance, support and compassion have allowed me to go deeper into my own self-care than I ever thought was possible. My hoop dance body play journey has been the most transformative experience of my life and has lead me to practice powerful self-love.
— Laurel Prince

Rachael Alaia

Rachael Alaia is the co-facilitator of WILD RHYTHM JOURNEY and founder of Wild Soul Wellness, an earth-based empowerment revolution for women. Rachael shares her soul work on an interactive virtual platform, Mystic Wolf Women, a group membership journey with sisters represented from over eleven countries around the world. Rachael also stands in service to her community by hosting transformational gatherings, facilitating international women's retreats, and teaching holistic wellness workshops.  

Rachael has had the honor of living and working in some beautiful places around the world: from the wild Amazon forests of Peru, to the slow-paced north shore of Maui, to the humid coastal pueblo in the jungles of Central Mexico where she now resides. The unique lived experiences to which she's been privy have offered her a rather radical perspective on health from a deeply ecological perspective. Her work draws from an exceptional blend of ancient tradition and modern knowledge as magic for the soul and medicine for the planet. 

Rachael's undergraduate education at UC Santa Barbara provided her with the opportunity to with with local at-risk youth in a highly successful outdoor, wilderness-based education program. There she experienced firsthand the healing power of nature as she watched those labeled as "problem children" and normally non-disciplinable students begin to thrive: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This concept of "instinctual wisdom" comes to mind as she reflects on the very natural ability for these young boys and girls to experience an innate sense of wellbeing when given an environment supportive of their success. 

Rachael holds a Masters degree in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University. While at NYU, she studied public policy, contemporary environmental debates, and non-profit management, along with ecological thought, teaching pedagogy, and the role of new media in environmental advocacy. But for her master's thesis, her focus was on the intersection between food systems, environmental ecology, and human health. Through her work as an educator at an inner-city school, she was able to illustrate a correlation between the implementation of environmental education on food awareness, nutritional health, and levels of achievement in at-risk schoolchildren. Her master's thesis created a replicable program similar urban schools to follow and made a case for the use of holistic school-based projects in cultivating an improvement in not only the students' well-being, but the health of an entire community. 

A student of movement and creative arts for over a quarter of a century, Rachael credits the body awareness provided by years of formal dance training as fodder for an embodied way of moving through the world. As a yoga practitioner for over ten years and a yoga teacher for the last three, Rachael has healed herself of several mental and physical ailments with the self-reliant healing powers of this ancient art and science. She thanks her principal teachers, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Dominique Pandolfi, and Anna Laurita, for showing her that the practice of yoga is really about learning to deeply love oneself.

In 2014, Rachael had the opportunity to spend six months living and working closely with Shipibo shamanic healers in Peru. There, she dove into a intensive period of personal healing using powerful ancient plant medicines of the Amazon. Concurrently, she served as ceremonial assistant to the shamans and facilitators, as well as staff member for the deep immersion guest program, as a yoga, meditation, dance, and art therapy teacher. This experience revealed to her the deep levels of healing that are available beyond the western model of medicine. 

Rachael is currently training with Jungian analyst and author of Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, in the art of sacred storytelling and shamanic healing. She has studied The Work That Reconnects with system's theorist and ecological activist Joanna Macy and received meditation instruction from the acclaimed Buddhist teacher Adyashanti. Rachael brings a wholly unique understanding and lived experience of counseling psychology, shamanic mysticism, ecology, storytelling, dream weaving, and community building to the work she offers. 


what other women are saying about working with rachael...

Witnessing Rachael in her work has been a pure delight. A well of wisdom, I could listen to her speak for hours — and not just because she is wise beyond her years, but because Rachael is one of those people that when she speaks, I listen attentively. Her voice soothes my spirit and speaks volumes beyond the words or message she’s conveying. With so much depth, integrity, and clear presence, Rachael arrives with her sword of truth and pierces right to the heart of the matter, as she so fully commits to embracing the entire spectrum of the human experience — the dark and the light — which is one of the most important things I seek in anyone I work with, whether it’s a mentor, someone I’m collaborating with creatively, or even just as a dear friend. Rachael is all of these things to me, and I can’t wait to see how her impact continues to ripple out into the world.
Ali Schueler
My experience at the “Woman! Reclaim Your Wild” retreat was incredibly life enhancing. Rachael created the framework for us to take a journey within... to rediscover our passion and our wild nature. During this day long retreat, we were guided to leap out of our conditioned minds and reach for our soul! Through group activity, story telling, meditation, dance, and discussion we could open up a doorway to inside. I felt safe and encouraged to speak from the most sacred spaces of my heart... Never feeling the desire to filter my thoughts. Rachael cultivated a safe haven for like souls at this retreat. I am so grateful that i could attend and highly encourage anyone to attend future events lead by Rachael!
Nikki Van Ekeren
It is a great blessing to consider Rachael a Wild Sister of mine. Having the opportunity to attend her Reclaim Your Wild retreat was undeniably nourishing on a soul level. Witnessing her utilize the power of story-telling to conjure up thought-provoking themes, and infusing ritual/play to recognize our Earth’s elements, truly awakened something within me and those who we held sacred space with. I recall it being mentioned during the day that this work we were doing, by gathering together, was much greater than ourselves. Rachael is an inspiration and guiding light along this path as the ripple effect of the profound work she is facilitating here is literally shaping the collective conscious. The planet could only grow and continue to thrive when women share with one another in this way! Allow her deep seated wisdom, sweet creative spirit, and open heart enrich your own life with the tools to navigate the deepest of depths, and soar through the highest of heights.
Brooke Rosenblum

Jessica Quinn

Jessica Quinn is a special guest on this WILD RHYTHM JOURNEY experience as our talented chef and nutritional expert.

Jessica's mission is to share knowledge of the medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy fulfilled life. She offers conscious and healthy resources, classes, cleanses, workshops, and retreats for those willing to further advance their healing and happiness.

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2000, Jessica travelled the world and found herself making home on the island of Maui, where she worked as a credentialed teacher to children with Special Needs. During her time with the children, she began to take more interest in learning how to incorporate proper nutrition into their diets. Jessica then met a doctor of Oriental Medicine, whose inspirational teachings encouraged her to further her studies in nutrition and yoga and integrate her acquired knowledge back into the community and into the lives of children.

Today, Jessica works as a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Therapist on the island of Maui as well as in various locations internationally. She provides nutritional consultations, personalized cleanse programs, and food-delivery services for her clients, leads and co-leads yoga/cleanse workshops and retreats, teaches nutrition and cooking classes, acts as a personal chef and caterer for retreats, administers seasonal guided cleanses, and creates Wellness Programs for resorts as well.

She continues to be influenced by the Chinese and Ayurvedic models of wellness and has recognized the importance of a high alkaline diet, proper food combining meals, as well as a daily breathing, meditation, and exercise practice to achieve optimal balance within our health and happiness. Jessica has had the honor of studying with world-renowned teachers including, but not limited to: Dr. Malik Cotter, DOM; Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician;  Prashanti de Jager, Ayurvedic Scholar; Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, and Mirka Kraftslow.



This experience may be for you if...

  • You are already feeling the stir of your inner wild woman awakening
  • You are in need of some healing "soul food" and a form of nourishing self-care
  • You crave a moment away from the distractions and unconscious patterns of your day-to-day life
  • You are finished with the game of playing along with business-as-usual
  • You would like to intentionally release any outdated ways of being in the world
  • You are seeking to ceremoniously call in and imagine a new chapter of your life
  • You are marking the transition between one phase of womanhood to the next
  • You are ready to renegotiate how you relate to and trust yourself
  • You would like to connect with soulful heart-centered women through sisterhood
  • You are interested in exploring alternative understandings of what it means to be well
  • You feel a spark of curiosity as you consider participating in this soulful Wild Rhythm Journey experience

And why do we invite you now to
gather together in sisterhood?

We gather to remember the wisdom of womanhood. Coming together just as all our grandmothers before us have since the beginning of time, we tap into an ancestral knowing that has been largely lost in the over culture of our society. This is our time to honor a deep longing that exists within us all to be seen, heard, valued, and understood for the women that we are. Acknowledging the distrust and betrayal experienced at the hands of other women in the past, we work to consciously shift the story of our female friendships. Together, we work to cultivate connections that are unconditional in their level of support, where we will experience what it feels like to exist in sisterhood with one another. Come together or come alone.... We may arrive as strangers, but we will leave as sisters. 

We gather to unlock the intelligence of our bodies. The self-organizing principles of nature and the innate self-healing capacity of the female form have wisdom beyond what the human mind is yet capable of understanding. We gather to practice embodying the wisdom contained within each one of our cells. Together, we will slow down and go within, learning to let the wisdom of the body and soul take the lead. 

We gather to understand our own healing in the context of what's going on in our communities. Healing and health do not arise as isolated occurrences. Wellness necessitates an understanding of the universality of our existence and our interdependency as earthly beings. Forming a sacred circle, we remember our place as integral parts of a greater whole. 

We gather to have fun and enjoy. With nature as a Wild Woman's sanctuary, we will come together there to revive the roots that run within us down into Mother Earth. We will laugh, and play, and tap into a childlike wonder together. Through this retreat, we will be renewed and reinvigorated for the Wild Rhythm Journey that is this life.



The Sacred Space

Wild Rhythm Journey will take place in the beautiful Eastern San Diego foothill mountains of Crest, California. The sunlit community clubhouse of this small, hilltop town will be our primary sacred gathering space for the first portion of our day. 





For the last few hours of our time together, we will adventure outdoors to explore and inhabit the stunning natural areas found within Crestridge Ecological Reserve. 







Driving distance to Crest from...

Downtown San Diego—30 minutes
Los Angeles—2.5 hours
Palm Springs— 2.5 hours
Santa Barbara—4 hours
Phoenix—5 hours
Las Vegas—5 hours
Sacramento—8 hours
San Francisco—8 hours


Retreat Schedule

Our tentative schedule, with room to flow, is as follows:

8:45am Arrive
9-9:30am Opening Circle
9:30-10:45am Rhythmic Percussive Journey
10:45-11am  Tea Break
11am-12:30pm  Sisterhood Wisdom Space
12:30-1:15pm  Lunch
1:15-2:15pm  Ayurvedic Nutrition with Jessica
2:15-3:30pm  Rhythmic Dance and Body Play with Caroline
3:30-3:45pm  Travel to Crestridge Ecological Reserve
4-5:45pm  Nature Immersion with Rachael
5:45-6pm  Closing Circle




This investment includes...

  • All immersive activities included in the Wild Rhythm Journey retreat program co-facilitated by Rachael and Caroline
  • A delicious gourmet lunch with organic, fresh ingredients made with love by Ayurvedic chef Jessica
  • Refreshments and fruit during our morning tea break


And a final word from your

As a truth seeker, healer, and warrior for the earth, I am on a passion-driven mission to reawaken the instinctual nature of humanity as a force of healing on this planet.

I know nature, and your own wild nature, as the most powerful healer that exists. By working within the dynamic and intelligent systems of nature, you will have the opportunity to better understand the equally dynamic and intelligent system of yourself.

I am honored and humbled to be serving as a co-facilitator for this unique retreat experience, bringing women together to remember the natural self-healing power of the feminine. My deepest intention in carrying out this work is to empower you to listen to, trust, and follow the call of your own instinctual wisdom. I know that strong, self-healed, soul-powered women step into greatest service to themselves and the world when they remember and reawaken their embodied wild.

I know it because I’ve lived it.

I cannot wait to be in service to you and look forward to meeting you on this Wild Rhythm Journey!
— Rachael
As a joy advocate and women’s advocate, my soul work in the world is in service to compassionately support women as movement guide through the emotional release of grief and the replenishment of joy.

Wildly we ride the wave of movement together, resourcing from our own physical, emotional, intuitive and imaginative intelligence, so that we may feel empowered to share our own unique rhythmic expression for the world to see. Rhythmically, we flow through our creativity, exploring self-care through the transformational power of play, tending to our body, our mind, and our soul. Together we join in sisterhood, to journey through the soul, exploring and discovering what lives deep within, waiting to be seen.

The mother of modern dance, Martha Graham once said, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

It is my soulful work in the world to guide you to express your unique rhythmic gifts for the world to see and experience, so that it is never lost.

It is with deep gratitude, honor, and love that I serve as co-facilitator along side my sisters Rachael and Jessica at this powerful and soulful Wild Rhythm Journey Women’s Retreat so that we may rise together to remember, reawaken, and reclaim the embodied wild women that we are.
— Sweet Caroline
Thank you for doing something so wonderful for yourselves and thank you for this opportunity to share with you the magic of Ayurveda.

I will be providing you with a nutritious and delicious meal inspired by the concepts of Ayurveda and prepared with the intention to support you during this day of opening, learning, and integrating. A healthy portal will nurture a healthy and clear mind and soul. I look forward to meeting and sharing with each one of you.
— Jessica