This work is has incredible value. And, its accessibility is essential. That is why I am offering this experience on a sliding-scale, with a "pay-it-forward" model. This means that whenever someone pays above the lowest price point, the difference is placed into a grant fund. The money collected in this fund makes it possible for individuals to participate in this work who would not otherwise be able to, given their current financial circumstances. 

I use this model to create a variety of financial entry points for students to engage with this work, as well as to personally address the current realities of systemic access barriers that exist for marginalized communities around the world. 

If you are interested in participating in WILD MOTHER, but do not currently have adequate financial resources to do so, please consider applying for assistance using this grant fund by filling out the form below. 

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Please include how much you can afford to invest in this offering right now.
Other Financial Considerations

Please Note: My intention is to be sensitive to whatever hardships might prevent you from enrolling in WILD MOTHER at face-value. But, I cannot fully account for them if you are not honest, direct, and open during disclosure. Please be sure to share whatever relevant information you can provide regarding your current situation so that I can keep it in mind when reviewing your application. 

Thank you.