Week Fourteen feat. Asahi


Asahi's bio reads...

The Makings of Mama is a social media exploration and reflection of motherhood rising. Asahi Bosu, a wife and mother of three beautiful babies, uses the platform to connect with other mothers and to inspire them to feel powerful in their flawed humanity and divine feminine. Asahi believes in the evolution of motherhood, and that it is a constant process of growing and becoming. Within the context of community she invites women and mothers to view an example of positive black love imagery and narratives. Asahi created @themakingsofmama as her on attempt at deeper self love and self care by connecting to her pre motherhood self, and merging her former interests and creative passions and pursuits at the intersection of WOMAN and MOTHER. She is a post partum depression warrior who believes in the process of healing through community, self awareness, and health care (however it may manifest through each individual's personal choice).


In this call, we discuss...

» Writing our "mother story"
» Self-care as self mothering
» Carving out solo spaces for ourselves as mothers
» Attending to generational pathologies
» Authenticity, transparency, and mothering
» Mothering our partners
» Re-humanizing the world through parenting
» Porn culture and raising sons in a dying patriarchy

Week Thirteen feat. Sarah Durham Wilson

Unfortunately I had a health scare take me out this week. But thankfully, this week's scheduled guest Sarah Durham Wilson generously took over the call so that I could take care of myself. 

My apologies for any inconvenience. 

In this call, Sarah shares on...

» The Maiden to Mother journey
» The Myth of the Goddess Inanna
» The passage into the underworld moving through the chakras
» Mothering and shadow work

Week Twelve feat. Rachael Rice


Rachael's bio reads...

I am a full-time artist, writer, and educator. My work lies at the crossroads of creative expression, community, justice, teaching, healing and magic.

I’m white, or more accurately, someone who believes themselves to be white as James Baldwin said. My wayback people are mostly Swedish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. I’m cis-gendered (she/her), able-bodied, no uterus, have had many queer relationships but am currently living with a man and his two daughters, whom I co-parent part time in spite (or because) of my intentions to never have children.

I have C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as clinical anxiety that I manage fairly well most of the time, but sometimes not so much. A lot depends on how much sleep I get and how well I’m positioned to execute on the basics. My mother was a witch. My father is a narcissist. And I’ve been an artist my whole entire life. It is not a choice. 

My background is in critical pedagogy + constructivist theory where I specialized in differentiated instruction and educating for democracy with concentrations in Art and English. I have spent over 20 years in the classroom as a certified, licensed public school art teacher, as well as in after-school and out-of-school community-based arts programs that serve primarily at-risk youth, folks with disabilities and low-income communities. In a subsequent professional iteration I spent some years in the social enterprise non-profit startup world where I worked to implement systems to support communities where our current systems have failed. This included things like innovative repurposing of industrial surplus, outreach, development + fundraising, and starting alternative + complementary currency supported approaches to health care.

I’ve made so many mistakes, have been called out and called in to my own benefit, have had to course-correct, abandon previous models and belief systems, and am perpetually in a state of motion around how I want to walk through the world as a white western woman of privilege.

So, just a heads up—I offer all my online platforms as anarcha-feminist bioregionally animistic, collapse-conscious + trauma-informed brave spaces dedicated to the smashing of the white supremacist/cis/hetero/ableist/neurotypical/capitalist patriarchy, so if you’re not down for the revolution the door is but a click away.

But I hope you’ll stay.

I currently live as a settler-colonizer on the unceded lands of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Molalla, Tualatin Kalapuya and other indigenous peoples in a place called Portland, Oregon.


In this call, we discuss...

» The identity of "mother" and how identity informs our experience of mothering
» Navigating mothering at the margins, step-motherhood, and co-parenting
» The performative aspects of motherhood
» The loss of internal sovereignty and autonomy
» Cultural amnesia, village mindedness, and the poverty of genuine support
» Postpartum depression and the grief of mothering
» Capitalism, whiteness, and justice
» The witch hunts and our broken collective moral compass
» Rites of passage as an initiation into death
» The somatic aspects of motherhood and the physical demands of mothering
» Consent culture and mothering
» Shame and the policing on other mothers


This call's list of resources...

"Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation" by Silvia Federici
"Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene" by Donna J. Haraway

Authentic Allyship Program by Tada Hozumi
Stephen Jenkinson

Week Eleven feat. Marysia Miernowska

Marysia's bio reads...

Marysia Miernowska is an herbalist, witch, biodynamic gardener and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. She is the director of the California branch of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education where she holds ceremony & teaches herbal medicine, plant shamanism and Earth magick. A multilingual and multicultural devotee of Mother Earth, Marysia has traveled extensively, learning different regenerative ways of tending to the Earth and sharing regenerative Earth medicine. She has a background as a community organizer and activist, keeps her feet rooted by designing and tending to medicinal and sacred gardens using permaculture and biodynamic practices. Marysia formulates herbal medicine and makes sacred plant botanicals under the label Flora Sagrada. She lives in Topanga, CA. with her daughter Flora, partner Tomas & cat Cosmos. She shares her passions with her students & community, in the gardens she tends and in her writing.

You can follow Marysia on instagram @thegaiaschoolofhealingca, by visiting website: www.thegreenwoman.com And on facebook by liking The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education California Branch.


In this call, we discuss...

» The swift winds of change and a rootedness grounded in trust
» The initiation of motherhood and the portal of transformation
» The tools of the witch in motherhood and the cycles of life and death
» Power, the solar element of fire, and the necessity to engage, discern, and digest experiences and information quickly
» Nourishment, plant medicine healing, and mothering
» Burning out from the "Endless Summer" of western culture and lulling the patriarchy to sleep
» Renegotiating our relationship with death and midwifing our way into a cultural autumn/winter
» Earth as mother and healer—Plus a ritual to offer your burdens to the land


This call's list of resources...

Stinging Nettle
Fire Element Plants—Ginger, Garlic, Rosemary, Calendula, St. John's Wort

"Women, Food, and God" by Geneen Roth

Week Ten feat. Terri Henry

Terri's bio reads...

Terri Henry is an eco-wellness mentor and founder of ‘Live Your Nature’ – creating nature-based experiences that support a vibrant state of health and satisfy our innate need to be in connection with the Earth. She unashamedly talks to trees, kisses flowers and dances naked in the moonlight.

Terri is also the wild mama of two children who were blissfully birthed to Earth in 2008 & 2009 and is a local advocate for peaceful, empowered birth. She breastfed both children until they were 3 ½ years (during which time they tandem nursed due to their close age), wore her babies everywhere, co-slept for 7 years and, in general, explored a myriad of lifeways that many of us "modern-but-ancient" mothers instinctively use as we seek to remember the ways of the ancestral tribe amidst a culture of nuclear family isolation. 

Most importantly, her parenting mission is to raise children who, no matter what path they choose in life, will always have a profound connection and love for the natural world. Her family is on a never-ending journey of rewilding – aiming to live an ecologically harmonious life, be a regenerative presence on the planet, learning traditional bushcraft skills and building community. 

On a personal level Terri feels that being a Mother is a deep dive into spiritual growth, self- awareness and questioning assumptions which, at any given moment, ranges between frustratingly stressful to a priceless high of elevated joy and all shades of the emotional rainbow in between.

In this call, we discuss...

» Drastic life changes, great loss, and resilience
» Fierce protectiveness and being challenged on our values and choices
» Engaging in difficult conversations with our children
» Considering how we make conscious choices based on our values
» Joy, excitement, and honoring our relationship to the land
» Exploring solutions with our families
» Affirming ourselves as one with nature, embodied in nature
» Determining boundaries and understanding the processes of privilege with children
» Living in uncertainty and acknowledging the transformative power of grief


This call's list of resources...

Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown
I am Nature Affirmation Cards

Week Nine feat. Chloe Parsons

Chloe's bio reads:

Chloe Parsons is a professional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer, and a blissed-out mother of two. After disembarking from a career as a high school English teacher, she decided to re-focus her gifts for writing, researching, and teaching into the work she feels most passionate about: women’s wellness. Working with clients, Chloe offers a foundational and holistic approach to nutrient-dense whole food nutrition and natural movement, and she teaches women to fill and build themselves up rather than whittle themselves down. She enjoys cutting through BS and offering up cheeky social commentary on social media as Wholly Chloe, where you’ll often see her foraging wild plants, cold plunging in icy rivers, whipping up delicious foods, traveling with her family, and processing the stark humilities of motherhood.


In this call, we discuss:

» The initiation of birth and motherhood
» Sovereignty and success on our own terms
» Responsibility and the relationship with fear
» A practical tool for connecting with the root of your values
» Crafting a personal mission statement
» Spiritual bypassing and integrity
» Critical thinking, physicality, and intuition


This call's handy list of resources:

Email Chloe for the full PDF referred to in the call
Katy Bowman

Week Eight feat. Agnes Ito

Agnes' bio reads:

Agnes Ito. Mama, Creative, Bruja, Love Revolutionary, Wild Woman.

She is here to serve. She’s a “recovering undercover over-lover,” bulimic / anorexic, people pleaser, soul seller, self-hater, single mother victim thinker, fear slave ― who has come out on the flip side and is able to help women who are deeply struggling, to come home to themselves.

I want to hold space, converse, add a little magic and celebrate your homecoming.


In this call, we discuss:

» The cyclical nature of mothering
» Shapeshifting, renegotiating identity, the dark goddess, and shadow work
» Attending to the ancestral line and the mother wound
» Physical patterns, abandonment, and generational healing
» Fierce mama energy, raising teen girls, and "mom guilt"
» Little rituals and moments of space and silence
» Cultivating our children's natural fire and teaching them how to channel it
» The experience of three-generations living together
» Mothering the self and creative expression
» Holding fierceness and softness as mother
» Coming home by connecting with healing practices from our ancestry
» Responsibility and respect for cultural practices
» Mother as real, as human, as embodied
» Self-respect and creating boundaries
» Accountability and resilience
» Forgiveness and liberation
» Martyrdom, victimization, and self-mothering


This call's handy list of resources:

Week Seven feat. Joanne Ameya Cohen

Joanne Ameya's bio reads:

Joanne Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wisdom Guide, and Shamanic Practitioner. She is the Founder and Creatress of the Woman Rising School for Earth Wisdom and Moon Mysteries. This School aims to support women to leave behind their wounds, hurts, and trauma by embodying their Essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Each woman who enters our School (aka Temple) doors is encouraged to courageously reclaim her natural rhythms as her Soul calls her home to her Truth, Wisdom, Power, and Beauty.

Please visit www.joanneameyacohen.com to read through all of her programs, retreats, and pilgrimages that are online or in person.


In this call, we discuss:

» Reconciling the role of the Priestess and the Mother
» Ancestral healing and creating our legacy
» Attachment parenting and the effects of parenthood on our partnerships
» The balancing act and dance of motherhood, the establishment of boundaries, mothering the self, and the process of recognizing our non-negotiable needs
» Flower essences and their role in our mothering journey
» Raising sons in a dying patriarchy
» Becoming a mother later in life
» The practical role of ritual and deep presence in learning to hold it all
» Incorporating our children in ritual
» Embodying our medicine


This call's handy list of resources:

Flower Essence Companies
Alaskan Essences
Delta Gardens
Australian Bush Essences

Flower Essence Blends for Motherhood
Motherwort (for boundaries)
Borage (for courage & upliftment)
Golden Amaranthus
Lemon Balm
Elm (for overwhelm)

Week Six ft. April Graham

April's bio reads:

April Graham hails from North Eastern Oregon in the remote Blue Mountain range where time stands still. Her family has lived in this area for 6+ generations as well as being indigenous to the land. Her focuses lay heavily on whole plant based healing following the wise woman tradition of safe simple herbs that bring safe simple health, tackling blood line traumas and the hurts of our current existence with brutal story medicine. She is the mother of two strong willed children ages 10 and nearing 14 at the age of just 32. A cancer survivor, attempted murder survivor, forced motherhood survivor and beyond. Her motto is "I heal you now you heal me" and this is how she finds strength in her pains.


In this call, we discuss:

» Mental health and pharmaceutical intervention
» Unraveling our stories around normalty
» Oppression, privilege, and attending to maternal blood line trauma
» Boundaries and the sacredness of our "no"
» Earth healing, land medicine, and plant people
» Mother as martyr, mother guilt, and emotional intelligence
» Mothering others, others mothering us
» Cultivating a practical sense of sovereignty in our children


This call's handy list of resources:


Week Five feat. Rachael Alaia


Rachael's bio reads:

I am a mother, teacher, artist, and guide. I am a seer, a seeker, a storyteller, and an alchemist. I am passionate about creating spaces that are inclusive, authentic, just, and honor the realness of what it means to be human, spaces that honor all parts of you and your experience. A connector of people, words, and ideas, I like to ask deep questions and live into the answers. I tend to be a bit of a curveballer and an agitator, stirring things up along the edges. And I am a forever student of life.

I am currently living and growing roots in the place of my birth in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, alongside my partner Alberto and our son. We run a beachside surf shop and water sports eco-tourism business, and are passionate about connecting people to the healing power of Mother Earth. We are currently working towards our dream of establishing an environmental education center where we live locally. 

I am also the founder of Wild Soul Wellness, a platform created in service to all those yearning to express a genuine, wholehearted, and soulful existence within the context of the current dominant patriarchal, supremacist, consumer-driven social order; As an educator and mentor, I engage my students in empowerment work to dismantle oppressive systems in service of a new human story of personal and collective liberation. I teach and facilitate transformational group work, via workshops, gatherings, and retreats, both in online spaces and in-person. I'm the host of a podcast, "Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women," and mama bear to an online conversation series and virtual community, WILD MOTHER.

My ever evolving body of work is informed by intersectional feminism, archetypal psychology, earth wisdom, expressive arts therapy, yoga, somatics, deep ecology, storytelling, astrology, mythology, shadow work, witchcraft, motherhood, and sacred activism. I offer this work in honor of my teachers, my ancestors, and my son. And I share it with an acknowledgement of my able bodied-ness, my privilege, and my humble place as a human walking this Earth during these trying times. 

I hold a M.A. in Environmental Education, with a specific focus of study on communications, grassroots advocacy, holistic community wellness, and ecological philosophy. I am a highly-trained yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and a have been a personal practitioner of yoga since I was fourteen years old. I have lived out and studied intently embodiment and the creative arts as a therapeutic method for trauma since I was a young girl. I've spent my life studying shamanism, education, divination, and dreamwork. I've spent some serious time exploring the worlds of the seen and the unseen, the realms of science and spirit, the dynamics of the Earth and of the human body.

All of these, and more, influence how I show up in service. Thank you for being here with me.


In this call, we discuss:

» Sisterhood and spiritual bypassing
» The need for spaces that honor our rage, grief, and despair
» Maidenhood and the role of the childless mothers in a community
» The role of the nuclear-family experiment in perpetuating silence, oppression, and social isolation
» Modern transient, travel-based lifestyles and their effect on community, sisterhood, and mothering
» The averted gaze, calling out and calling in, and learning to "be with the trouble"
» White supremacist, oppressive capitalistic structures leaking into our sacred spaces
» Integrity, accountability, and shared responsibility
» Maidenhood guilt and alienation
» Mothering as a learned skill
» Self care and community care
» How patriarchal authoritarian structures appear in our relationships, friendships, and sisterhoods
» The invisibility of certain groups or individuals in a community
» A sense of urgency and attending to things slowly


This call's handy list of resources:

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Agustus Masters

On Being with Krista Tippet: "Radical Hope is Our Best Weapon" with Junot Díaz

White Ladies Finding Themselves Sisterhoods
Can we please stop ignoring Childism?

A Call to Sacred Activism Free Tele-Call, Rising Rooted with Rachael Rice: How to Address the Problem of Exclusion and Appropriation in Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Week Four feat. Camille Giglio


Camille's bio reads:

Camille has a passion for igniting change in peoples lives globally. She was raised in an alternative household focused on healthy eating, spirituality, and unconventional schooling. Drawing from her creative upbringing, Camille enjoys crafting up just about anything from herbal salves, scarves, hats, jewelry, or busting out new websites for fun.

She resides on an off grid property in Midcoast Maine with her partner Frank, and children Wilder and Sunny. She draws inspiration from being in nature, playing with her boys, taste testing delightful creations from her hubby, doing yoga, and playing music with her band.


In this call, we discuss:

» Camille's philosophies of experiential learning, homesteading, and "whole life" unschooling
» The evolution of partnership and motherhood and the role of expectations
» "Offhand" parenting, allowing for failure, and the idea of fragility
» Miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and reproductive grief
» Herbs as allies and herbs as poisons
» Shame, traumatic birth, and womb healing
» Spirituality and the quest for truth
» Practices that allow us to attend to the dark winters of the soul
» Earth healing, sun medicine, and yoni sunbathing
» Tapping into ancestral and indigenous wisdom of pregnancy and child rearing
» Creativity, unschooling, and the need to honor our many sides


This call's handy list of resources:

Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life
Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting with the Natural World
The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

St. John's Wort

You are responsible for your own health choices regarding all herbal indications and interactions. Consult with a professional for personal use. 

Week Three feat. Marybeth Bonfligio

Marybeth's bio reads:

“I am a writer and creative human who believes that art saves. Self expression is hope and connection is health. I believe writing is a powerful and profound forms of art. I don’t believe in rules around creation. My joy and purpose is in holding space for others to write and express themselves, to practice liberation and connection to community. I have also spent the last decade diving deeply into ancestral work; storytelling, culture reclaiming, and honoring the history before immigration/assimilation. I do believe that if we desire to connect with our past blood, we can do better in the present, we can learn to reform, celebrate, and do better for our children and the children to come. When we are connected, we are more benevolent, healthier humans. I have learned so much about creation, passion, love, anger, trauma, and injustice by digging deep into my own histories. 

I have an *almost* MFA from Antioch University in creative non-fiction / writing for social change, but got pregnant - and considering it almost impossible for a pregnant women/mother to finish grad school, I dropped out one semester short to have my first daughter. BUT. Becoming a mother transformed my writing and my life, it is one of my most beloved belongings, to be here for them, to belong to them, to be a part in their story. On this journey I became a copywriter, a midwife, yoga teacher, herbalist, screenplay writer, writing teacher, + tarot reader/intuitive coach/ guide. I teach workshops online and in-person. 

I am currently writing a book with the working title :: Blood + Belonging, which is inspired by my magical and deeply complex Sicilian ancestry, my pilgrimage to ancestral land, the connection between spirit and food and the trading-in of culture, connection + relations for whiteness, capitalism + The American Dream.

I live in the pacific northwest, on stolen land of the Chinookan people. I love and cherish this bio-region and spend as much time as I can outside with my three wild and fierce daughters, my partner and a really big dog.


In this call, we discuss:

» Ancestral impoverishment, re-mything, and epigenetics
» Belonging and not-belonging, "taken by longing"
» Grief, rage, and falling apart together
» Ancestry and identity
» Divination, tarot, and pre-language symbols
» The focus of hyper individualism of western culture and it's affects on motherhood
» Connection to the land and how it informs our relationship to ancestry
» Nourishment and mothering ourselves
» Writing, etymology, and the alphabet
» Sexuality and motherhood
» Rape culture and mothering 


This call's handy list of resources:

The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess by Leonard Shlain
Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin
The Primal Wound by Nancy Newton Verrier

What to Remember When Waking by David Whyte

Nirmala Nataraj

Week Two feat. Alexandra Pumayruna

Alexandra's bio reads:

Daughter of Pachamama, sister to All, intuitive primal Mother.

Since freebirthing my son deep in the forest, I’ve become passionate about supporting & empowering women in the journey of transitioning from maiden to mother.

I believe that a mother’s primal intuition is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and I love supporting women in reconnecting with this ancient & innate feminine wisdom.

Other passions of mine include rewilding, sacred sisterhood, holistic health, spirituality, primitive earth skills, off-grid living, permaculture / regenerative organic gardening, plant medicines, writing, songweaving, seedkeeping, and of course conscious mothering ❤️

I currently live in the forest of Nevada City, CA with my partner, our son, two wolfdogs and cat, where I hold women’s circles and offer loving presence & supportive services as a birth+postpartum doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor and wombyn’s empowerment mentor.


In this call, we discuss:

» Instinctual childbirth, free birthing, and the power of claiming our birth experience
» Overconfidence and naiveté 
» The maiden to mother transition
» The Continuum Concept and Connection Parenting
» Motherhood as a spiritual practice
» Trying to be in control and trusting ourselves
» Mothering and privilege
» Sisterhood and conflict
» Mothering as shadow work


This call's handy list of resources:

The Continuum Concept
Connection Parenting
Mastery of Love

Week One feat. Melinda Alexander


Melinda's bio reads:

Melinda Alexander is a Los Angeles native, divorced, single mama who shares about her journey to #getfree through the lens of feminism, body positivity, buddhism, self love, and self discovery. She has a feminist healing and art space in Los Angeles where she hosts workshops for women, does one on one work with women trying to get free, and has two ongoing online groups—"Get Naked Get Free" around identity/body image/feminism and "They Get Better When You Do" about healthy perspectives on self love and relationships. She is currently writing a book sharing the progression of her healing/rediscovery journey based on her popular #writehanded Instagram musings.


In this call, we discuss:

» Our expectations versus our realities
» The solitude of motherhood and the work of investing in community
» Complexities of mothering in the age of social media
» Healing alongside, and for, our children
» Holding the many paradoxes of mothering and embracing a both/and perspective
» Mirroring and modeling
» Interdependence and imparting emotional skills
» Sacrifice, self-care, and mothering the self
» Determining our needs and creating a network of support to help us fulfill those needs
» Mothering highly sensitive beings (ourselves included)
» The role of compassion in mothering the self and others


This call's handy list of resources:

Honest Motherhood podcast? — waiting on that link
Highly Sensitive Child
The Prophet by Khalil Ghibran