Week Eight feat. Agnes Ito

Agnes' bio reads:

Agnes Ito. Mama, Creative, Bruja, Love Revolutionary, Wild Woman.

She is here to serve. She’s a “recovering undercover over-lover,” bulimic / anorexic, people pleaser, soul seller, self-hater, single mother victim thinker, fear slave ― who has come out on the flip side and is able to help women who are deeply struggling, to come home to themselves.

I want to hold space, converse, add a little magic and celebrate your homecoming.


In this call, we discuss:

» The cyclical nature of mothering
» Shapeshifting, renegotiating identity, the dark goddess, and shadow work
» Attending to the ancestral line and the mother wound
» Physical patterns, abandonment, and generational healing
» Fierce mama energy, raising teen girls, and "mom guilt"
» Little rituals and moments of space and silence
» Cultivating our children's natural fire and teaching them how to channel it
» The experience of three-generations living together
» Mothering the self and creative expression
» Holding fierceness and softness as mother
» Coming home by connecting with healing practices from our ancestry
» Responsibility and respect for cultural practices
» Mother as real, as human, as embodied
» Self-respect and creating boundaries
» Accountability and resilience
» Forgiveness and liberation
» Martyrdom, victimization, and self-mothering


This call's handy list of resources: