Week Six ft. April Graham

April's bio reads:

April Graham hails from North Eastern Oregon in the remote Blue Mountain range where time stands still. Her family has lived in this area for 6+ generations as well as being indigenous to the land. Her focuses lay heavily on whole plant based healing following the wise woman tradition of safe simple herbs that bring safe simple health, tackling blood line traumas and the hurts of our current existence with brutal story medicine. She is the mother of two strong willed children ages 10 and nearing 14 at the age of just 32. A cancer survivor, attempted murder survivor, forced motherhood survivor and beyond. Her motto is "I heal you now you heal me" and this is how she finds strength in her pains.


In this call, we discuss:

» Mental health and pharmaceutical intervention
» Unraveling our stories around normalty
» Oppression, privilege, and attending to maternal blood line trauma
» Boundaries and the sacredness of our "no"
» Earth healing, land medicine, and plant people
» Mother as martyr, mother guilt, and emotional intelligence
» Mothering others, others mothering us
» Cultivating a practical sense of sovereignty in our children


This call's handy list of resources: