Week Fourteen feat. Asahi


Asahi's bio reads...

The Makings of Mama is a social media exploration and reflection of motherhood rising. Asahi Bosu, a wife and mother of three beautiful babies, uses the platform to connect with other mothers and to inspire them to feel powerful in their flawed humanity and divine feminine. Asahi believes in the evolution of motherhood, and that it is a constant process of growing and becoming. Within the context of community she invites women and mothers to view an example of positive black love imagery and narratives. Asahi created @themakingsofmama as her on attempt at deeper self love and self care by connecting to her pre motherhood self, and merging her former interests and creative passions and pursuits at the intersection of WOMAN and MOTHER. She is a post partum depression warrior who believes in the process of healing through community, self awareness, and health care (however it may manifest through each individual's personal choice).


In this call, we discuss...

» Writing our "mother story"
» Self-care as self mothering
» Carving out solo spaces for ourselves as mothers
» Attending to generational pathologies
» Authenticity, transparency, and mothering
» Mothering our partners
» Re-humanizing the world through parenting
» Porn culture and raising sons in a dying patriarchy