Week Seven feat. Joanne Ameya Cohen

Joanne Ameya's bio reads:

Joanne Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wisdom Guide, and Shamanic Practitioner. She is the Founder and Creatress of the Woman Rising School for Earth Wisdom and Moon Mysteries. This School aims to support women to leave behind their wounds, hurts, and trauma by embodying their Essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Each woman who enters our School (aka Temple) doors is encouraged to courageously reclaim her natural rhythms as her Soul calls her home to her Truth, Wisdom, Power, and Beauty.

Please visit www.joanneameyacohen.com to read through all of her programs, retreats, and pilgrimages that are online or in person.


In this call, we discuss:

» Reconciling the role of the Priestess and the Mother
» Ancestral healing and creating our legacy
» Attachment parenting and the effects of parenthood on our partnerships
» The balancing act and dance of motherhood, the establishment of boundaries, mothering the self, and the process of recognizing our non-negotiable needs
» Flower essences and their role in our mothering journey
» Raising sons in a dying patriarchy
» Becoming a mother later in life
» The practical role of ritual and deep presence in learning to hold it all
» Incorporating our children in ritual
» Embodying our medicine


This call's handy list of resources:

Flower Essence Companies
Alaskan Essences
Delta Gardens
Australian Bush Essences

Flower Essence Blends for Motherhood
Motherwort (for boundaries)
Borage (for courage & upliftment)
Golden Amaranthus
Lemon Balm
Elm (for overwhelm)