Week One feat. Melinda Alexander


Melinda's bio reads:

Melinda Alexander is a Los Angeles native, divorced, single mama who shares about her journey to #getfree through the lens of feminism, body positivity, buddhism, self love, and self discovery. She has a feminist healing and art space in Los Angeles where she hosts workshops for women, does one on one work with women trying to get free, and has two ongoing online groups—"Get Naked Get Free" around identity/body image/feminism and "They Get Better When You Do" about healthy perspectives on self love and relationships. She is currently writing a book sharing the progression of her healing/rediscovery journey based on her popular #writehanded Instagram musings.


In this call, we discuss:

» Our expectations versus our realities
» The solitude of motherhood and the work of investing in community
» Complexities of mothering in the age of social media
» Healing alongside, and for, our children
» Holding the many paradoxes of mothering and embracing a both/and perspective
» Mirroring and modeling
» Interdependence and imparting emotional skills
» Sacrifice, self-care, and mothering the self
» Determining our needs and creating a network of support to help us fulfill those needs
» Mothering highly sensitive beings (ourselves included)
» The role of compassion in mothering the self and others


This call's handy list of resources:

Honest Motherhood podcast? — waiting on that link
Highly Sensitive Child
The Prophet by Khalil Ghibran