Week Five feat. Rachael Alaia


Rachael's bio reads:

I am a mother, teacher, artist, and guide. I am a seer, a seeker, a storyteller, and an alchemist. I am passionate about creating spaces that are inclusive, authentic, just, and honor the realness of what it means to be human, spaces that honor all parts of you and your experience. A connector of people, words, and ideas, I like to ask deep questions and live into the answers. I tend to be a bit of a curveballer and an agitator, stirring things up along the edges. And I am a forever student of life.

I am currently living and growing roots in the place of my birth in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, alongside my partner Alberto and our son. We run a beachside surf shop and water sports eco-tourism business, and are passionate about connecting people to the healing power of Mother Earth. We are currently working towards our dream of establishing an environmental education center where we live locally. 

I am also the founder of Wild Soul Wellness, a platform created in service to all those yearning to express a genuine, wholehearted, and soulful existence within the context of the current dominant patriarchal, supremacist, consumer-driven social order; As an educator and mentor, I engage my students in empowerment work to dismantle oppressive systems in service of a new human story of personal and collective liberation. I teach and facilitate transformational group work, via workshops, gatherings, and retreats, both in online spaces and in-person. I'm the host of a podcast, "Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women," and mama bear to an online conversation series and virtual community, WILD MOTHER.

My ever evolving body of work is informed by intersectional feminism, archetypal psychology, earth wisdom, expressive arts therapy, yoga, somatics, deep ecology, storytelling, astrology, mythology, shadow work, witchcraft, motherhood, and sacred activism. I offer this work in honor of my teachers, my ancestors, and my son. And I share it with an acknowledgement of my able bodied-ness, my privilege, and my humble place as a human walking this Earth during these trying times. 

I hold a M.A. in Environmental Education, with a specific focus of study on communications, grassroots advocacy, holistic community wellness, and ecological philosophy. I am a highly-trained yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and a have been a personal practitioner of yoga since I was fourteen years old. I have lived out and studied intently embodiment and the creative arts as a therapeutic method for trauma since I was a young girl. I've spent my life studying shamanism, education, divination, and dreamwork. I've spent some serious time exploring the worlds of the seen and the unseen, the realms of science and spirit, the dynamics of the Earth and of the human body.

All of these, and more, influence how I show up in service. Thank you for being here with me.


In this call, we discuss:

» Sisterhood and spiritual bypassing
» The need for spaces that honor our rage, grief, and despair
» Maidenhood and the role of the childless mothers in a community
» The role of the nuclear-family experiment in perpetuating silence, oppression, and social isolation
» Modern transient, travel-based lifestyles and their effect on community, sisterhood, and mothering
» The averted gaze, calling out and calling in, and learning to "be with the trouble"
» White supremacist, oppressive capitalistic structures leaking into our sacred spaces
» Integrity, accountability, and shared responsibility
» Maidenhood guilt and alienation
» Mothering as a learned skill
» Self care and community care
» How patriarchal authoritarian structures appear in our relationships, friendships, and sisterhoods
» The invisibility of certain groups or individuals in a community
» A sense of urgency and attending to things slowly


This call's handy list of resources:

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Agustus Masters

On Being with Krista Tippet: "Radical Hope is Our Best Weapon" with Junot Díaz

White Ladies Finding Themselves Sisterhoods
Can we please stop ignoring Childism?

A Call to Sacred Activism Free Tele-Call, Rising Rooted with Rachael Rice: How to Address the Problem of Exclusion and Appropriation in Spiritual Entrepreneurship