Week Ten feat. Terri Henry

Terri's bio reads...

Terri Henry is an eco-wellness mentor and founder of ‘Live Your Nature’ – creating nature-based experiences that support a vibrant state of health and satisfy our innate need to be in connection with the Earth. She unashamedly talks to trees, kisses flowers and dances naked in the moonlight.

Terri is also the wild mama of two children who were blissfully birthed to Earth in 2008 & 2009 and is a local advocate for peaceful, empowered birth. She breastfed both children until they were 3 ½ years (during which time they tandem nursed due to their close age), wore her babies everywhere, co-slept for 7 years and, in general, explored a myriad of lifeways that many of us "modern-but-ancient" mothers instinctively use as we seek to remember the ways of the ancestral tribe amidst a culture of nuclear family isolation. 

Most importantly, her parenting mission is to raise children who, no matter what path they choose in life, will always have a profound connection and love for the natural world. Her family is on a never-ending journey of rewilding – aiming to live an ecologically harmonious life, be a regenerative presence on the planet, learning traditional bushcraft skills and building community. 

On a personal level Terri feels that being a Mother is a deep dive into spiritual growth, self- awareness and questioning assumptions which, at any given moment, ranges between frustratingly stressful to a priceless high of elevated joy and all shades of the emotional rainbow in between.

In this call, we discuss...

» Drastic life changes, great loss, and resilience
» Fierce protectiveness and being challenged on our values and choices
» Engaging in difficult conversations with our children
» Considering how we make conscious choices based on our values
» Joy, excitement, and honoring our relationship to the land
» Exploring solutions with our families
» Affirming ourselves as one with nature, embodied in nature
» Determining boundaries and understanding the processes of privilege with children
» Living in uncertainty and acknowledging the transformative power of grief


This call's list of resources...

Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown
I am Nature Affirmation Cards