a conversation series. 
a collective of stories. 
a deep listening experience.
a more complete narrative.

In the Fall of 2017, we gathered as an intentional community to co-create a series of in-depth conversations on mothering.

This project is the result of that collective process.



  • What does it mean, at this moment in our global story and for each of us individually, to mother, care-give, and nurture ourselves? Our families? Our communities? Our dreams? Our planet?

  • What are some of the lived stories of mothers and caregivers? What are their psychic shadows, bodily traumas, and real everyday struggles? What are the daily joys, moments of celebration, and soul-stirring gifts? 

  • What parts of us don't fit into any conventional or idolized images of motherhood?  How can we, as mothers and caregivers, express a genuine, whole-self existence in the context of the current dominant oppressive social order? 

  • What can Mother Earth, our bodies, our children teach us about mothering? What does it mean to connect with and carry on the legacy of our ancestors? How do we responsibly and effectively attend to the challenges of these and future generations? Beyond the biological acts of mothering, what else implies motherhood? 

  • What is the psychic heritage of the Wild Mother archetype? What stories and myths connect us to the holistic wisdom of the Great Mother? How does the experience of motherhood catalyze transformation, healing, and insight?

  • In what ways do environment, space, biology, race, gender, class, culture (and other intersectional forms of identity and critical analysis) inform the experience of mothering? How do the identities we carry inform our mothering journey? 

  • Can we mother without needing to define ourselves as such? How do identity and experience inform one another? Is motherhood at all performative, a socially constructed, culturally projected phenomena? 





↠ 28 hours of video and audio recordings of live, unfiltered, real talk on topics such as:

mothering the self, the other
the initiatory transformation of motherhood
creativity, artistry, and expression
romantic love, marriage, and relationships
money, entrepreneurship, and capitalism
spirituality, religion, and the divine mother

community, sisterhood, and friendship
the physical body and holistic health
beauty, body image, and sensuality
the menstrual cycle and the rhythmic nature of the feminine
instinctual pregnancy, midwifery, and childbirth
plant medicine, herbalism, and earth care
re-wilding motherhood and parenting with soul

ancestral wisdom and epigenetics
ancestral trauma and attending to the mother wound

adoption and step-motherhood
"alternative" paradigms on motherhood
gender identity and queer motherhood
social identity, race, and privilege
activism and the politics of motherhood
conscious caregiving and care receiving
connecting to and learning from the earth mother

social isolation and the loss of 'the village'
depression, anxiety, and mental health
shadow work and the great mother goddesses
reproductive grief and sexual trauma
death, and dying
miscarriage and infant loss
disabiilty, infertility, and abortion
the choice (or lack thereof) to give birth to children
the choice (or lack thereof) to not


So when the great word ‘Mother!’ rang once more,
I saw at last its meaning and its place;
Not the blind passion of the brooding past,
But Mother — the World’s Mother — come at last,
To love as she had never loved before —
To feed and guard and teach the human race.
— Charlotte Perkins Gilman



↠  Designed and facilitated as an in-depth process to help you unravel, explore, and re-imagine your stories and your place within the greater unfolding mythos of motherhood. 

↠  An invitation to establish a relationship to your own experience of motherhood and your own innate mothering instincts—including the range of physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, intersectional, and ecological aspects of self that embody a sense of fierce compassion, deep love, justice, and stewardship.

↠  A summons to fully inhabit this being human: embodying your life with deep presence, bridging the worlds of the sacred and the profane, rooting down to embody the bones of who we are, and rising up to meet what crosses this pathless path of life. 

↠  An opportunity to gaze at the nature of your own experience, to shift paradigms and perceptions, to dialogue with your wild truth.

↠  A pathway to engage with a collective of voices exploring what it means to mother and be mothered at this time on Earth. 











Melinda Alexander is a Los Angeles native, divorced, single mama who shares about her journey to #getfree through the lens of feminism, body positivity, buddhism, self love, and self discovery. She has a feminist healing and art space in Los Angeles where she hosts workshops for women, does one on one work with women trying to get free, and has two ongoing online groups—Get Naked Get Free around identity/body image/feminism and They Get Better When You Do about healthy perspectives on self love and relationships. She is currently writing a book sharing the progression of her healing/rediscovery journey based on her popular #writehanded Instagram musings.





Daughter of Pachamama, sister to All, intuitive primal Mother.

Since freebirthing my son deep in the forest, I’ve become passionate about supporting & empowering women in the journey of transitioning from maiden to mother.

I believe that a mother’s primal intuition is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and I love supporting women in reconnecting with this ancient & innate feminine wisdom.

Other passions of mine include rewilding, sacred sisterhood, holistic health, spirituality, primitive earth skills, off-grid living, permaculture / regenerative organic gardening, plant medicines, writing, songweaving, seedkeeping, and of course conscious mothering ❤️

I currently live in the forest of Nevada City, CA with my partner, our son, two wolfdogs and cat, where I hold women’s circles and offer loving presence & supportive services as a birth+postpartum doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor and wombyn’s empowerment mentor.
— Alexandra


I am a writer and creative human who believes that art saves. Self expression is hope and connection is health. I believe writing is a powerful and profound forms of art. I don’t believe in rules around creation. My joy and purpose is in holding space for others to write and express themselves, to practice liberation and connection to community. I have also spent the last decade diving deeply into ancestral work; storytelling, culture reclaiming, and honoring the history before immigration/assimilation. I do believe that if we desire to connect with our past blood, we can do better in the present, we can learn to reform, celebrate, and do better for our children and the children to come. When we are connected, we are more benevolent, healthier humans. I have learned so much about creation, passion, love, anger, trauma, and injustice by digging deep into my own histories.

I have an *almost* MFA from Antioch University in creative non-fiction / writing for social change, but got pregnant - and considering it almost impossible for a pregnant women/mother to finish grad school, I dropped out one semester short to have my first daughter. BUT. Becoming a mother transformed my writing and my life, it is one of my most beloved belongings, to be here for them, to belong to them, to be a part in their story. On this journey I became a copywriter, a midwife, yoga teacher, herbalist, screenplay writer, writing teacher, + tarot reader/intuitive coach/ guide. I teach workshops online and in-person.

I am currently writing a book with the working title :: Blood + Belonging, which is inspired by my magical and deeply complex Sicilian ancestry, my pilgrimage to ancestral land, the connection between spirit and food and the trading-in of culture, connection + relations for whiteness, capitalism + The American Dream.

I live in the pacific northwest, on stolen land of the Chinookan people. I love and cherish this bio-region and spend as much time as I can outside with my three wild and fierce daughters, my partner and a really big dog.
— MaryBeth





Camille has a passion for igniting change in peoples lives globally. She was raised in an alternative household focused on healthy eating, spirituality, and unconventional schooling. Drawing from her creative upbringing, Camille enjoys crafting up just about anything from herbal salves, scarves, hats, jewelry, or busting out new websites for fun.

She resides on an off grid property in Midcoast Maine with her partner Frank, and children Wilder and Sunny. She draws inspiration from being in nature, playing with her boys, taste testing delightful creations from her hubby, doing yoga, and playing music with her band. 





Terri Henry is an eco-wellness mentor and founder of ‘Live Your Nature’ – creating nature-based experiences that support a vibrant state of health and satisfy our innate need to be in connection with the Earth. She unashamedly talks to trees, kisses flowers and dances naked in the moonlight.

Terri is also the wild mama of two children who were blissfully birthed to Earth in 2008 & 2009 and is a local advocate for peaceful, empowered birth. She breastfed both children until they were 3 ½ years (during which time they tandem nursed due to their close age), wore her babies everywhere, co-slept for 7 years and, in general, explored a myriad of lifeways that many of us "modern-but-ancient" mothers instinctively use as we seek to remember the ways of the ancestral tribe amidst a culture of nuclear family isolation. 

Most importantly, her parenting mission is to raise children who, no matter what path they choose in life, will always have a profound connection and love for the natural world. Her family is on a never-ending journey of rewilding – aiming to live an ecologically harmonious life, be a regenerative presence on the planet, learning traditional bushcraft skills and building community. 

On a personal level Terri feels that being a Mother is a deep dive into spiritual growth, self- awareness and questioning assumptions which, at any given moment, ranges between frustratingly stressful to a priceless high of elevated joy and all shades of the emotional rainbow in between.





April Graham hails from North Eastern Oregon in the remote Blue Mountain range where time stands still. Her family has lived in this area for 6+ generations as well as being indigenous to the land. Her focuses lay heavily on whole plant based healing following the wise woman tradition of safe simple herbs that bring safe simple health, tackling blood line traumas and the hurts of our current existence with brutal story medicine. She is the mother of two strong willed children ages 10 and nearing 14 at the age of just 32. A cancer survivor, attempted murder survivor, forced motherhood survivor and beyond. Her motto is "I heal you now you heal me" and this is how she finds strength in her pains.





Joanne Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wisdom Guide, and Shamanic Practitioner. She is the Founder and Creatress of the Woman Rising School for Earth Wisdom and Moon Mysteries. This School aims to support women to leave behind their wounds, hurts, and trauma by embodying their Essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Each woman who enters our School (aka Temple) doors is encouraged to courageously reclaim her natural rhythms as her Soul calls her home to her Truth, Wisdom, Power, and Beauty. Please visit www.joanneameyacohen.com to read through all of her programs, retreats, and pilgrimages that are online or in person.





Agnes Ito. Mama, Creative, Bruja, Love Revolutionary, Wild Woman. She is here to serve.

She’s a “recovering undercover over-lover,” bulimic / anorexic, people pleaser, soul seller, self-hater, single mother victim thinker, fear slave ― who has come out on the flip side and is able to help women who are deeply struggling, to come home to themselves.

I want to hold space, converse, add a little magic and celebrate your homecoming.





Chloe Parsons is a professional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer, and a blissed-out mother of two. After disembarking from a career as a high school English teacher, she decided to re-focus her gifts for writing, researching, and teaching into the work she feels most passionate about: women’s wellness. Working with clients, Chloe offers a foundational and holistic approach to nutrient-dense whole food nutrition and natural movement, and she teaches women to fill and build themselves up rather than whittle themselves down. She enjoys cutting through BS and offering up cheeky social commentary on social media as Wholly Chloe, where you’ll often see her foraging wild plants, cold plunging in icy rivers, whipping up delicious foods, traveling with her family, and processing the stark humilities of motherhood.





Abby Clark is a MovNat Team Instructor who teaches certifications and workshops in the U.S. with a focus on empowering women through MovNat’s natural movement fitness system. 

She has spent over 10 years in the fitness industry with a background in functional fitness (kettlebells), yoga, and body building. But it was through natural movement where she discovered her deeper purpose for fitness and teaching it to others, especially women. 

Abby lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband, son and fur baby, Kona. 




The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education

Marysia Miernowska is an herbalist, witch, biodynamic gardener and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. She is the director of the California branch of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education where she holds ceremony & teaches herbal medicine, plant shamanism and Earth magick. A multilingual and multicultural devotee of Mother Earth, Marysia has traveled extensively, learning different regenerative ways of tending to the Earth and sharing regenerative Earth medicine. She has a background as a community organizer and activist, keeps her feet rooted by designing and tending to medicinal and sacred gardens using permaculture and biodynamic practices. Marysia formulates herbal medicine and makes sacred plant botanicals under the label Flora Sagrada. She lives in Topanga, CA. with her daughter Flora, partner Tomas & cat Cosmos. She shares her passions with her students & community, in the gardens she tends and in her writing. You can follow Marysia on instagram @thegaiaschoolofhealingca, by visiting website: www.thegreenwoman.com  And on facebook by liking The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education California Branch. 


I am a full-time artist, writer, and educator. My work lies at the crossroads of creative expression, community, justice, teaching, healing and magic.

I’m white, or more accurately, someone who believes themselves to be white as James Baldwin said. My wayback people are mostly Swedish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. I’m cis-gendered (she/her), able-bodied, no uterus, have had many queer relationships but am currently living with a man and his two daughters, whom I co-parent part time in spite (or because) of my intentions to never have children.

I have C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as clinical anxiety that I manage fairly well most of the time, but sometimes not so much. A lot depends on how much sleep I get and how well I’m positioned to execute on the basics. My mother was a witch. My father is a narcissist. And I’ve been an artist my whole entire life. It is not a choice.

My background is in critical pedagogy + constructivist theory where I specialized in differentiated instruction and educating for democracy with concentrations in Art and English. I have spent over 20 years in the classroom as a certified, licensed public school art teacher, as well as in after-school and out-of-school community-based arts programs that serve primarily at-risk youth, folks with disabilities and low-income communities. In a subsequent professional iteration I spent some years in the social enterprise non-profit startup world where I worked to implement systems to support communities where our current systems have failed. This included things like innovative repurposing of industrial surplus, outreach, development + fundraising, and starting alternative + complementary currency supported approaches to health care.

I’ve made so many mistakes, have been called out and called in to my own benefit, have had to course-correct, abandon previous models and belief systems, and am perpetually in a state of motion around how I want to walk through the world as a white western woman of privilege.

So, just a heads up—all my online platforms are anarcha-feminist bioregionally animistic, collapse-conscious + trauma-informed brave spaces dedicated to the smashing of the white supremacist/cis/hetero/ableist/neurotypical/capitalist patriarchy so if you’re not down for the revolution, the door is but a click away.

But I hope you’ll stay.

I currently live as a settler-colonizer on the unceded lands of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Molalla, Tualatin Kalapuya and other indigenous peoples in a place called Portland, Oregon.
— Rachael





Sarah Durham Wilson is a writer & teacher who has been on the path of the Goddess for seven years, since her own dissent from Patriarchy in 2010. Before her Saturn Return, she was a rock n roll party girl, who worked at several magazines in New York City & LA, including Rolling Stone & Interview magazines. She has helped thousands of women through their Witch Awakenings, onto the Priestess Path, & now as they journey from archetypal Maiden to archetypal Mother. 





The Makings of Mama is a social media exploration and reflection of motherhood rising. Asahi Bosu, a wife and mother of three beautiful babies, uses the platform to connect with other mothers and to inspire them to feel powerful in their flawed humanity and divine feminine. Asahi believes in the evolution of motherhood, and that it is a constant process of growing and becoming. Within the context of community she invites women and mothers to view an example of positive black love imagery and narratives. Asahi created @themakingsofmama as her on attempt at deeper self love and self care by connecting to her pre motherhood self, and merging her former interests and creative passions and pursuits at the intersection of WOMAN and MOTHER. She is a post partum depression warrior who believes in the process of healing through community, self awareness, and health care (however it may manifest through each individual's personal choice).

What will happen when one woman writes the truth about her life? The world will split open.
— Muriel Rukeyser



I am Rachael Alaia, the founder of Wild Soul Wellness and your guide within the container of WILD MOTHER. 

I consider myself a seeker, bridger of worlds, community builder, and inquisitive weaver of mythos. I am called to be in service to the new story of humankind and I am a guardian of spaces where you can show up as your whole self.

I am not here to present this program as a self-mastery course, a way to fix yourself, or even heal from anything. I’m not interested in telling you how to live your life or deliver the formula to be a wild woman, a good mother, a whole human being, whatever. I do not know what's best for you given your own uniqueness that you bring to the table—only you do. 

What I am driven to share with you is an invitation to create a brave space to gaze into the nature of things, to question deeply with me.

This work that may ask us to make waves, to humble ourselves, to get brutally honest, to dive into our shadow, our well-worn stories. But it's also joyful work, loving work, for it allows us to create space for all our parts. 

During my career as a speaker, educator, facilitator, and guide serving people worldwide, I have seen firsthand the transformative and healing power of telling story (and if you want a more detailed glance of my understanding of storytelling as mythopoetic soul work, read this guest blog post). 

That is really the primary focus of this project: personal story-telling and receiving embodied as a kind of witnessing, listening, listening, weaving, sharing, remembering, imagining. This will be an opportunity to engage in soul-centered work that’s willing to dive down, inquire deeply, and unravel, as well as rise up, speak out, and take up space.

As creator of WILD MOTHER, I am passionate about fostering a platform to share real stories, from real people, who are showing up, stirring the pot, and having the conversations that are needing to be had.

In whatever form you arrive on this journey, welcome. And, I believe, that is precisely what is needed: you showing up, imperfect and unedited, just as you are.  

I acknowledge the privilege I possess to do this work. I share it humbly and with great honor.  

I look forward to being of service and sharing this space with you.



Rachael is a skilled facilitator who will not waste your time. If you are ready to dig deep and do the work, your time with her will be very productive. It isn’t often that a facilitator can exude deep compassion while, at the very same time, hold you accountable to look directly into the eyes of your truth. Rachael is a strong leader who will unflinchingly guide you in the exploration of your whole self, all the time reminding you of how capable you are. I very much enjoyed the materials, insights, discussions and shared community of the group I participated in and recommend her offerings highly.
— Maureen

I stumbled upon Rachael a couple of years ago and from our first conversation she was so genuine, heart-felt, and open... The more I dove into concepts Rachael spoke on, I began to find healing. She was always there for me, offering just enough but letting me find my own answers. She held space so safely and openly.

Now, I can hold space for myself and others in a loving way. In my own work with clients of various types and relationships in life I continually pass on the medicine I first learned from her. I’ve learned how to create space for others in a way that allows them to be seen in the way in which she did for me. I’ll always be Rachael’s number-one fan and supporter. Forever grateful and in love with her heart, soul, and work in this human life.
— Jena

Working with Rach... all I can think of to say first is that if you feel called to work with her, do it.

She masterfully stands strong and articulates her perspective and values while also holding space for others to discover theirs, no matter how different they may be. She supports and reminds each person of their sovereignty while also creating and crafting beautiful connections within community.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of her retreats, working with her privately, and also being a part of her online mentorship circle. They have all been incredible experiences that I deeply cherish.

She understands how to be fully present in whatever may come up, and she has the intuitive insight and resilience to explore the nuisances of the human psyche and experience. She can artfully handle difficult and complex topics with honesty and grace. It’s been wonderful to get to know her as a practitioner and a friend.

I can assure you that any time with her is time well spent, and it will shape your understanding of yourself and the world in an incredible way. She cares deeply about others and the work she facilitates, and it’s evident in all that she does. I’m grateful to know her and work with her, and would happily recommend her to anyone who feels the soul-level nudge to embark on a journey with her.
— Megan

Rachael has a way of reawakening the wild nature of our souls and reconnecting us with what is really important in a way that is ever so simple yet strikingly powerful. I have had the opportunity to work with her during private sessions and have been attending her in-person wild women circles on a regular basis for the past two years. I can’t tell you how many “ah-ha” moments I have had—in particular when, thanks to her, I realized that in order to love myself I needed to accept the darkness in me as well and to appreciate the nature of our human condition The realization of these life altering truths have impacted my life for the better. I am forever grateful for our paths to have crossed and to also count Rachael as a friend in my life. If you feel that your inner she-wolf needs to be unleashed, she is definitely the one to turn to.
— Tamara



I am Sharona Lautoe, woman on the rise, a new and single mother to Luna, author and soulguide to women awakening to their truth around the world. 

The mother energy in me has been present from a young age. A true nurturer and safe haven for lost souls. Although for many years I shared this energy in an unhealthy way. Which caused me to fall into 2 burnouts and a dark night of the soul before the age of 30. 

I have been doing deep and ongoing work on healing the maiden and the mother within me. Work of a lifetime I am privileged to do for myself and with others. 

The pregnancy and birth of my daughter have blessed me with rising into my truth as a woman. The dying of the Maiden in me and the birth of the Mother supported me to be raw and unapologetic in my truth and led me to leave the relationship I was trying to keep alive long past its dead. A story I am living today, as it is still fresh. 

I believe that when we truly allow the Mother within us to step forward and share from an authentic place, we can start healing the wounds that both men and women have suffered because of the oppression of the Mother. 

I look forward to join you on this journey deep into the dark womb of the Wild Mother and I am open to exploring the shadows, be a compassionate witness to the fuck ups, be schooled on my own blind spots, feel uncomfortable in the unknown and hold sacred space for what comes up for each of us. 

Humbled to be on this journey with you.


  partial grant scholarships available  —please see FAQ below for details on applying

partial grant scholarships available—please see FAQ below for details on applying

         available until August 22

       available until August 22


How does WILD MOTHER work, exactly?

The live gatherings for WILD MOTHER begin on August 22nd, and run every Tuesday evening at 5pm North American Pacific Time/8pm North American Eastern. To calculate for your local time-zone, visit timeanddate.com. The details to access these live calls will be emailed to you and posted on both the private membership page and Facebook group. The recordings of these gatherings will be sent out and posted within 24-hours of our live call. The series will run weekly until November 21, 2017. 

All live calls will include 60-minutes of dialogue and story weaving between Rachael Alaia, the creator of WILD MOTHER, and a new featured guest each week. Some calls will be broadcast using video and some using audio, depending on the tech accessibility of our guests. And because they are live, there's really no telling in advance what might make itself known in that space. 

These calls will also include 30-minutes for open council. This is a safe space for sharing and listening, a sacred space to express your truths, your deep inquiries, your personal mythos, a brave space to give voice to your questions, your fears, your joys, your heartbreaks, your celebrations... whatever is up for you. 

Upon enrollment, you will be invited to join a secret Facebook group. As more join this community, they too will be added to this group. Additionally, once you've enrolled once in WILD MOTHER, you will have access to this group for the lifetime of the space. 

Finally, you'll be given the password to a private membership site, which will be your portal space for accessing all the relevant info and gifts you'll have access to as a member. 


How much time is required to participate in WILD MOTHER?

The time necessary for WILD MOTHER depends on how much of yourself you would like to invest and how deeply you wish to participate. Our live gatherings are one-and-a-half hours in duration, once a week for fourteen weeks. You have the option to connect live, if the timing works for you, or access the recordings of these calls at a time when most convenient for you. Fully engaging with WILD MOTHER will likely require around two to three hours per week for three lunar cycles. 


I won't be able to make the calls live.

No worries—All the calls will be recorded to listen in and/or view at your leisure. If you want to interact by submitting a question for the live call, you may do so ahead of time by messaging or emailing Rachael. 


How much does it cost to enroll?

I know this work is has incredible value. And, its accessibility is also essential. That is why I am offering this experience on a four-tier sliding-scale, with a "pay-it-forward" model.

The sliding scale costs to enroll in this first round of WILD MOTHER are $99, $199, $299, and $399 USD.


How does this sliding scale, "pay-it-forward" model work?

You choose a price point that responsibly reflects your current economic reality, financial privilege, and level of need. Please refer to The Sliding Scale:  A Tool For Economic Justice for a thoughtful and thorough explanation on the sliding scale model. As Alexis states, a sliding scale policy is one based deeply on trust. I trust that you will assess yourself and your economic realities honestly, thoughtfully, and with integrity. 

The "pay-it-forward" aspect means that anytime you (or anyone else) pays above the middle price point (ie. pays $299 or $399), a contribution is made to a "pay-it-forward" grant fund. This fund makes it possible for individuals to participate in this work that would not otherwise be able to, given their financial need. 

Applications for the grant fund are found here. 

This model was inspired by online entrepreneurs Abigail Rose Clark and Illana Burk in response to a system set up to benefit an elite few.


I am really interested in enrolling, but my current financial situation prevents me from doing so.

Financial assistance to enroll in WILD MOTHER is provided via partial scholarship using the "pay-it-forward" grant fund. If you want to engage wholeheartedly in this work, I do not want money to be the only reason you're prevented from doing so.

To apply for the WILD MOTHER grant fund, please click here.


I want to enroll, but WILD MOTHER has already begun.

No worries... WILD MOTHER is offered on open enrollment, so you can join our community at any time. While you may have missed the opportunity to attend all or some of the live calls, they are all recorded to access and download at your leisure. 


I do not identify as a mother.

You don't need to be a mother to participate in this experience. This space is accessible to those kind and curious wild souls wholeheartedly invested in this conversation. For that reason, WILD MOTHER is not limited or exclusive to "mothers" only. 


What will I need to have to participate in this offering?

↠  A journal to record your journey: your dreams, stories, musings, questions, processes

↠  A computer or other personal electronic device with a camera, speakers, and microphone
↠  An stable internet connection that supports video and audio streaming and/or downloading
*if this is unavailable to you, you can access the live calls by cell phone or landline
↠  An active Facebook account

↠  An open and curious heart <3




How do I put into words the deep gratitude of being held? I drew strength from Rachael through her Instagram page long before joining her group mentorship offering - from seeing the way she showed up in the world.

Vulnerability. Authenticity. Strength. Humility. Radiance. Humor and tears. Structure and spontaneity. Teaching and listening. Questions as invitations. The space we shared as having a life of its own. And most of all, for me, Permission. That it’s okay to show up the world that way. More than that, it’s brave.

I am no longer ashamed to be ‘still working things out.’ It is a path, an honor, a privilege, and I am proud to walk it along with other women, a testimony to aliveness in a world worth paying attention to.
— Mashael

Working with Rachael was organic and comfortable, which is exactly what you want in a space dedicated to subject matter that can overwhelm and hit you at your core. There is an ease about Rachael that allows people at varying levels of awareness and familiarity with a given topic to express themselves authentically and without reservation. I joined the group she facilitated several months later than many of the other women and partially expected to feel like an outsider—but that did not happen. I was quickly welcomed and taken into the fold as if I had been with the group since its inception. The group was so comfortable that I invited a friend to join, as I found the group under Rachael’s leadership to be a place for women to take pause and share reflections on womanhood in a safe space.

Like all good teachers, Rachael does not give the answers. She does not even proclaim to know all of the answers, which is refreshing. What Rachael does is facilitate discussions around possible answers which allow members to share their conjectures and experiences without feeling stupid or wrong. Through my time working with Rachael, I was able to look at myself and my natural cycles differently and respect what it is that makes me uniquely a woman—without making men inferior. This is really important to me and I appreciate the positivity of the group under Rachael’s leadership.
— Jamie

Rachael is the most amazing and gifted teacher, guide, and facilitator, which is very rare to find online these days and I don’t say this lightly... I learned more in the first month with Rachael than I had in some online classes in a year! I was fed up of the ‘sugar coated’ positivity in many of the online communities whose teachers are afraid to look at life from a real sense of depth. I wanted more and Rachael did not disappoint.

Many self help/spiritual programmes keep their participant’s wheels spinning—which can be damaging, exhausting, and brings about no real transformation. Unfortunately many teachers/guides online these days are giving advice which is damaging. Rachael does not give advice, but drives transformation through her powerful questions that will bring you to a place of deep inquiry. This is a sign of a gifted facilitator/teacher.

Being guided and taught by Rachael has made me even more instinctual. I trust myself more now. I don’t second guess my reality... Rachael treated all the women in my group with fairness, non-judgement, and compassion, and she always respected their sovereignty. Being able to find a person like Rachael online is rare. I cannot wait for Rachael’s next offering and I would say to anyone hesitating to work with Rachael not to, you won’t be disappointed.
— Margaret

Rachael provides a safe, respectful container for individuals to journey through various archetypal references and understand how it relates to our modern lives and how it can be utilized for self-growth and re-connection.

I resonate with her method of delivery: fun, playful, real, relatable, witty, and impactful. Her knowledge is a broad, lived embodied wisdom with ample references to mentors she has studied under or with.

I highly recommend her programs, podcasts, and retreats for those hungry to nourish their deprived primal selves. You wild woman self will not be disappointed.
— Kathia

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.
— Maya Angelou