If you’re not skirting the edges of the forbidden zone, you’re playing it too safe. If you’re not serving as a benevolent mischief-maker for someone you care about, you’re shirking your duty. Your allegiance should be with X-factors and wild cards. You will thrive to the degree that you cultivate alliances with mavericks and instigators. Are you shrewd enough to mess with time-tested formulas? Are you restless enough to rebel against habits that stifle your curiosity?
— Rob Breszny of Free Will Astrology

There is a word in the Japanese language that I feel is powerfully present for us all at this time. That work is KIKI, and it is a word two separate meanings.

One is crisis, and the other, opportunity. 

So, while it may appear that we are in the midst of a massive crisis, the conditions in which we find ourselves also present us with some incredible opportunities.

An opportunity to open our hearts and feel more deeply.
An opportunity to allow die what must die for new life to occur.
An opportunity to find our strength during times of challenge and foster communities of service.
An opportunity to take part in a wild revolution that restores a sense of soul back into the world.

But the truth is, we must be SEEN and MAKE WAVES in order to take part in this revolution. We must be willing to take great risk, including those of disapproval, opposition, and criticism. 



Since the inception of Wild Soul Wellness a year and a half ago, I've learned some incredible lessons about building a platform of success on my own terms, what it means to craft connections with a tribe of soul sisters from around the world, how to enthusiastically fail, and why I choose to share a message that's much bigger than me. 

And now, it appears that little-by-little, that message is fulfilling its mission—threatening the status quo of business-as-usual on this planet.


Holler, Rob Bretszny! I guess I AM "shrewd enough to mess
with time-tested formulas"
and "rebel against habits that stifle my curiosity"


Because—HEY, here's some real talk: 

I didn't come into this life for anyone's approval.
I don't do this work to live in a world of docile complacency.
Transformation is rarely comfortable and certainly isn't convenient. 

And that's really how I see the "work" we engage with here at Wild Soul Wellness...



I know that to experience a meaningful shift into a new way of being on this planet, in order to write a new story of humankind, in order to WAKE UP, we must be truly shaken to our core. We must extend past our comfort zones and do the work to be the change we wish to see in the world. And this time, all of us are being called to step out and share ourselves courageously with the world: a changing world that is in critical need of our wild souls and our unique gifts. 


So, what do you say...

Are you ready to join this #WILDREVOLUTION? 


This is a proclamation of allegiance to the #WILDREVOLUTION taking place in our minds, our hearts, and the playing fields of our lives each day. 

This is a #WILDREVOLUTION that asks us to step up and be "mischief-makers," earth-shakers, and change-makers. 

This is a #WILDREVOLUTION that requires us to stop playing it safe, to move past our fear of making waves, and to take great risks for the sake of a soulful future for us all. 

And Wild One, this is a #WILDREVOLUTION that needs all of us present. 




WHAT is it?

Join me, Rachael Alaia, the founder of Wild Soul Wellness, on a free five-day exclusive mentorship experience with our global Wild Tribe in honor of this #WILDREVOLUTION. Together, we will form a community of revolutionaries ready to step into our power and step out into the world ready to be the change we wish to see. 

Together, we will explore...

What it means to be here and alive at this powerful moment in history. 
How to navigate these turbulent times of great crises and great opportunity with a sense of wholeness. 
What it takes to instigate change and spark a revolution as a single human being.
How to be a part of and help build a movement that cultivates a new story of humankind. 


How do I join in?

Just be sure you're a part of our global Wild Tribe, and you'll automatically receive all the guidance via e-mail. Fill out the form below to join, if you haven't yet done so already. You're welcome to invite your friends, family, and network of followers along by tagging #WILDREVOLUTION to let others know you're ready to join this movement!