what is wild soul yoga?

Wild Soul Yoga is an alignment-based flow practice informed by the profound intelligence of wild nature. The practice of nature study, which includes the study of our own human nature, offers us invaluable wisdom and clarity. Yoga is union with the universe and a remembering of one's timeless truth: joy and freedom.

This style of yoga incorporates traditional yoga asana and meditation, as well as elements of play and movement arts. The practice works to reconnect us to our own wild nature, our own infinite wisdom, and our own innate value.

Through Wild Soul Yoga, we will explore the natural elements and how they relate to a yoga practice. We will delve into the ever flowing cycles and rhythms wild nature. We will connect with the stars and the planetary powers and see how they inform our lives. We will reclaim the body as sacred and the physical practice as a manifestation of the divine. And not to mention we will get a damn good, sweaty, heart-pumping session of fun and functional movement.

For those lost in the chaos of civilization, yoga is a deep healing ointment for the soul. Come with a curious heart and leave feeling radiant, inspired, and empowered.

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