Show Up and Be Seen

There's a fascinating thing that I've learned on my journey: The more we're willing to show up for life, the more life is willing to show up for us. As we become more comfortable allowing ourselves to be seen in all of our colors, as we share our stories more openly, we start to heal ourselves.

And how exactly do we heal?

Showing up and being seen requires that we practice vulnerability. When we take on this as a intentional practice, we start to understand that being vulnerable is no longer a weakness—but a great act of courage. Allowing others to see our shadow, being willing to let those close to us know we need help, stripping away the false pretenses and masks we've carefully crafted... Those are valiant acts of bravery. Cour is the root for the word courage, meaning heart in French. As we show up and be seen, we allow our hearts to be seen in their totality. Courage becomes the healing salve of the heart.

As we practice showing up and allowing our hearts to be seen, we learn to trust ourselves and the flow of life more. We see that our worst fears of rejection, denial, and repudiation were fictional characters created by our minds. They live in a fictional world of our false belief. Separating truth from illusion is one of the greatest remedies to heal the maladies of the soul.

Showing up means we take responsibility for what we're feeling, rather than shutting down or shunning aspects of our shadow. It's a healing act of power to take back those parts of ourselves we've long denied and hidden away from the world. From that place of ownership, we find that we can move gracefully through challenging emotional states or moments of discomfort without the hangups we used to have. They seem to pass through us more quickly, with less mental gripping.

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"It's a healing act of power to take back those parts of ourselves we long denied and hidden away from the world."

Being seen, we become REAL HUMAN BEINGS, not masked and manufactured versions of ourselves we only want the world to see. Sister, living as that fragment of yourself, that only piece you're willing to accept as "OK," that is the exact opposite of wholeness (ie. healing). Being seen in our totality we start to let go of the stories we've allowed define who we are. The more we share, the more we realize we're not alone in our experience. That my story is her story, and her story is mine. Looking at and owning our story brings us into a space where we can start to rewrite how we move forward in the world.

And this isn't just about us. As we show up as whole, beautiful, imperfect human beings, we also give others permission to be real too. We invite wholeness and healing in others. In turn, they not only trust us more, but they feel safe to show up and be seen as well. 

I also want to remind you that if you show up and you are not received, or you are judged, or your experience is invalidated by someone telling you to "Just be positive," "Calm down," or that "Everything's going to be fine," that is a reflection of THEM and not of you.

My experience working with shame and vulnerability has shown me that quite often, the exact thing others are quick to judge are in precise correlation with what aspects of shadow they're unwilling to accept in themselves. My mind goes to the politician who wants to drug test all food stamp recipients and then turns around and gets busted for cocaine possession. Or the religious leader who vehemently condemns greed and gluttony and then goes to jail for embezzling money from the church.

What happens when we start to peel away the masks we've long hidden under is that it can make others around us rather uncomfortable. They start to realize, "Oh shit, I have a heavily decorated mask myself. I'm not ready to deal with what's under there." Your wholeness can actually bring up the deepest fears in those around us. If they're still unwilling to do the work to understand themselves, there's nothing you can do for them but continue to love them anyways.

Now tell me...

Where are you hiding in your life?
What parts of yourself are you keeping in shadow?
How can you show up to life and be seen, right now?

Autumnal Equinox

The seasons transition and change, as do we. Honoring the rhythms of nature brings us in closer contact with the wisdom of the Earth and the intricate dance it weaves into our day-to-day lives. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are now moving into Autumn. The fall equinox is a time when the daylight equals the darkness of night. It is a potent time to harvest the gifts we've worked so hard for this year and begin the inner preparation for the growing darkness of the winter months. It is time to start turning our gaze inward towards our own shadowy natures. Like the trees shed their leaves, it is a time to begin shedding what's ready to die in our lives. 

 »  CLICK TO TWEET  «  "O sacred season of Autumn, be my teacher for I wish to learn the virtue of contentment." —Edward Hays


"O sacred season of Autumn, be my teacher for I wish to learn the virtue of contentment." —Edward Hays

This episode of WildSoulTV offers some guidance on using the potent energy of this time of year to cultivate gratitude and shift our perception of shadow, to release that which you're ready to let go of, and to find contentment in exactly where you are right now on your path.


Now tell me...

How are you marking this transition into Autumn?
What are you grateful for right now?
What are you ready to release?

Seeing the gold in the pile of sh*t

Sometimes life is tough! We all experience challenges in our lives. No one escapes that.

But have you noticed that some people get lost in the storm, while others not only survive the inclement weather, but come out the other side stronger, wiser, and more at peace?

Those people must just be naturally smarter, savvier, and more resilient... right? 

I call bullshit.

I believe that there is a tool we can learn and practice that helps us to find greater peace in our lives. I lovingly call this our ability to "see the gold in the pile of shit."

This means you're able to look at a shitty situation and harvest the gifts that are present. This "pile of shit" could be anything from a personal struggle, to a work issue, to a snag in your relationship, or an episode of depression. Your gift then becomes the gold you can gleam from that... whether it be greater learning and growth, or just figuring out exactly what you don't want (which is SUPER helpful—btw). 

And how exactly are you to pan for gold in the sewage? 

You change your perspective of course!

Watch this weeks episode below to hear what I've got to say on this matter...


"I Am" Documentary

"Happy" Documentary


So, for today's new moon in Gemini, I ask—how might you be able to completely shift your world, simply by training your mind to see the light in the darkness?

Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • Is there a particular situation in your life where you've turned things around, suddenly able to see the gold within the pile of shit?
  • What about a moment that you normally would perceive as a crisis, but have been able to switch your perspective and see the inherent opportunity?
  • Where can you begin to make subtle, but powerful shifts, from closing your eyes in the darkness to opening them and allowing them to adjust to the beauty of the night sky?

Mental Illness, Healing, and Soul

Today's episode comes as we welcome the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The moon's brightness peaked today, Tuesday June 2nd, at approximately 12pm EST. To add to the luminous energy of this "Strawberry Moon," it is also the time when the Northern Hemisphere is moving towards its solar peak. These are the longest days of the year: a time of illumination when nothing is kept hidden. Everything is being brought into the light. 


I feel this is an opportune time to share a piece of my own story: a piece which has been integral to my interest in holistic health and my passion for self-reliant healing. My purpose in sharing this is threefold.

  1. I believe that by speaking more openly about mental health issues, we may begin to remove some of the stigma surrounding mental illness. This is an increasingly important issue, given the rising rates of diagnosis in the United States and elsewhere.
  2. By sharing our stories, we heal ourselves. Speaking our fullness of truth, we no longer have keep parts of ourselves a secret. Being 100% real and authentic re-integrates all the pieces of ourselves we've hidden or denied—which in many traditions would be called "healing." As we bring light to our shadows, we heal. This episode of WSTV is no doubt a part of my own healing journey. 
  3. My intention is to invite an open and honest dialogue around the topic of mental illness. I don't claim to have all the answers. However, there are definitely some things I've experienced through my own mental illness that feel true to me. Perhaps those resonate with you... perhaps they do not. I am excited to hear from all perspectives on this issue.



In this episode, I share a bit about my own experience living with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and mood disorder NOS. I offer some personal insight around the causes and systemic influences of mental illness. I explore the implications of living in a "sick society" and inquire about what it really means to be "mentally healthy." I also share with you some soulfood practices that have been invaluable on my own wellness path.





Gabrielle Roth & 5 Rhythms Dance

Jennifer Pastiloff 



Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • What has been your experience with mental health and mental illness?
  • Do you struggle with a mental illness?
  • How have you been able to manage your own mental health?
  • How have you been able to cultivate community around this issue?
  • What are your thoughts on some of these deeper soul-level practices to support mental health?

Meditation can boost your sex life

Want more intimacy with your partner? What about a stronger connection to your body and your ability to feel pleasure? How about a boost of intuition, allowing you to sense more deeply your own desires as well as the desires of your partner?

Meditation is your answer. 

 Click to tweet »  "Mediation is for lovers."

Click to tweet » "Mediation is for lovers."

On this week's episode of WildSoulTV, I explore how meditation can re-ignite the flame of your sex life.

In this episode you'll see that through meditation, you can open to experiencing deeper intimacy with yourself, your partner, and your life as a whole. You'll see how meditation allows you to be more present and less distracted, both of which are boons to a happy and healthy sexual relationship. You'll learn that meditation and sex are very much metaphors for one another: to cultivate a sense of connection with the "other" and union with the divine.

Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • How has your meditation practice impacted your sex life?
  • Have you ever practiced Tantric sex or used sex as a meditative practice?
  • How about meditation with your partner?

Sound Meditation

One of my favorite forms of meditation is sound meditation. Creating and/or listening to sounds, chanting, and music, can produce profound meditative effects. Sound meditation is used in vibrational healing, chakra balancing, ritual, and music. It is calming for the mind, energizing for the body, and expansive for the spirit. 

The mere act of listening to good music can be a form of sound meditation... and who doesn't love a good live show? 

Sound meditation helps to open and balance the throat chakra. A throat chakra imbalance can manifest in any of the following ways:

  • Communication: difficulty listening or expressing yourself, an overpowering voice or a fear of speaking, over opinionated or wishy-washy
  • Relationship: defensiveness or distrust, lack of engagement, overcritical behavior or inability to speak up for oneself
  • Creativity: little to no artistic expression or connection to music, lack of artistry in creating the life you desire
  • Abundance: greed, inability to receive, hoarding of knowledge or possessions
  • Physical: throat, neck, or arm pain, teeth and tonsil issues, TMJ, sinus infection, coughing, loss of hearing, stress, fatigue, allergies, autoimmune issues, thyroid disorders, addiction



This week, I share with you the sounds of my singing bowl, also known as a Tibetan singing bowl or Himalayan singing bowl, which is an ancient form of sound meditation. The singing bowl can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and compositions. It is used in various ways, either by gonging with a mallet or rubbing a mallet around the bowl. This particular bowl is in the key of G, which helps tune the throat chakra for clarity of truth, expression, and communication. 

I invite you to also learn and practice one of my favorite Sanskrit chants: Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu, which translates to "May all beings be happy and free. And may my thoughts, deeds, and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom for all."


Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • What was that experience like for you?
  • Have you ever performed sound meditation or experienced sound healing before?
  • If so, what benefits has this practice brought your life? 
  • What is your favorite form and method of sound meditation? 
  • How do you envision sound meditation becoming a part of your life?

5 Manifestation Secrets for Wild Women

As women, we are MASTER manifestors. We are those beautiful creatures who give birth to new human life, so we have a special and innate ability to birth our creations in the world. Women are sensual, heart centered, and grounded, all necessary qualities to possess when taking dreams and sparks of imagination from the mental ether and drawing them into the physical realm of existence.

I would love for you to be able to use that natural magnetism to attract exactly what you want in your life. In this weeks episode, I share 5 über juicy secrets on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to manifesting.

This weeks episode is a bit longer because I wanted to share a guided meditation to help you start tapping into the magic of feminine manifestation. Take this powerful meditation as my gift to you.



Now—I'd love to hear from you! What are your own personal manifestation secrets? What practices have helped you manifest the perfect mate? What rituals have allowed you to live the dream career? What habits or beliefs have supported you in building a life that you love?


Share your comments below!

Feeling Lost? How to Navigate the Darkness

There are moments in my life where I am cast into complete darkness. I am completely thrown for a loop and violently tossed out of my comfort zone. My foundation feels so shaky, the entire world appears to be crumbling. Not only do I feel uncomfortable and insecure. I feel spiritually distraught, sensitive, and über emotional. I am filled with dread, a deep fear to do anything at all. It feels like a complete break down. 

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about. 

Have you found yourself in a dark cave with no sense of up or down? Maybe you are paralyzed with fear, incapable of making decisions or unsure where to turn? Perhaps a recent crisis has sent you into a tailspin? Maybe your life appears smooth sailing from the outside, but inside your completely and totally lost?

When you have these experiences, all your prior thoughts, expectations, and beliefs about yourself and the world become irrelevant. They’re thrown out the window. 

Your dark night may come in the form of a personal crisis or a family emergency. It could be an illness, an accident, or an unraveling of your career. It could be rock bottom of an addiction, an eating disorder, or an abusive relationship. Our wild souls manifest these moments in various ways. But however it manifests, the trajectory of your life and how you imagined it unfolding is forever changed. 

What’s more, when you’re deep in it, it can be extremely difficult to maneuver in the darkness.

So today, I’d like to offer you a few ways to navigate these moments in your life with grace and a sense of greater purpose. 

So, tell me... when you’ve found yourself in this kind of dark night of the soul experience, what have you done to navigate your way through the darkness?

Maybe it’s something that I’ve mentioned here. Maybe it’s not. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear what worked for you to stay grounded, present, and moving forward. 

Please leave a comment below. Remember that your story is my story, and my story is her story. By sharing our stories and our experiences, we can gain tremendous healing and growth together knowing we're not alone. You never know what someone else may be going through and your experience, or even a simple "AMEN SISTER!" can really make a difference.