Seeing the gold in the pile of sh*t

Sometimes life is tough! We all experience challenges in our lives. No one escapes that.

But have you noticed that some people get lost in the storm, while others not only survive the inclement weather, but come out the other side stronger, wiser, and more at peace?

Those people must just be naturally smarter, savvier, and more resilient... right? 

I call bullshit.

I believe that there is a tool we can learn and practice that helps us to find greater peace in our lives. I lovingly call this our ability to "see the gold in the pile of shit."

This means you're able to look at a shitty situation and harvest the gifts that are present. This "pile of shit" could be anything from a personal struggle, to a work issue, to a snag in your relationship, or an episode of depression. Your gift then becomes the gold you can gleam from that... whether it be greater learning and growth, or just figuring out exactly what you don't want (which is SUPER helpful—btw). 

And how exactly are you to pan for gold in the sewage? 

You change your perspective of course!

Watch this weeks episode below to hear what I've got to say on this matter...


"I Am" Documentary

"Happy" Documentary


So, for today's new moon in Gemini, I ask—how might you be able to completely shift your world, simply by training your mind to see the light in the darkness?

Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • Is there a particular situation in your life where you've turned things around, suddenly able to see the gold within the pile of shit?
  • What about a moment that you normally would perceive as a crisis, but have been able to switch your perspective and see the inherent opportunity?
  • Where can you begin to make subtle, but powerful shifts, from closing your eyes in the darkness to opening them and allowing them to adjust to the beauty of the night sky?