Mental Illness, Healing, and Soul

Today's episode comes as we welcome the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The moon's brightness peaked today, Tuesday June 2nd, at approximately 12pm EST. To add to the luminous energy of this "Strawberry Moon," it is also the time when the Northern Hemisphere is moving towards its solar peak. These are the longest days of the year: a time of illumination when nothing is kept hidden. Everything is being brought into the light. 


I feel this is an opportune time to share a piece of my own story: a piece which has been integral to my interest in holistic health and my passion for self-reliant healing. My purpose in sharing this is threefold.

  1. I believe that by speaking more openly about mental health issues, we may begin to remove some of the stigma surrounding mental illness. This is an increasingly important issue, given the rising rates of diagnosis in the United States and elsewhere.
  2. By sharing our stories, we heal ourselves. Speaking our fullness of truth, we no longer have keep parts of ourselves a secret. Being 100% real and authentic re-integrates all the pieces of ourselves we've hidden or denied—which in many traditions would be called "healing." As we bring light to our shadows, we heal. This episode of WSTV is no doubt a part of my own healing journey. 
  3. My intention is to invite an open and honest dialogue around the topic of mental illness. I don't claim to have all the answers. However, there are definitely some things I've experienced through my own mental illness that feel true to me. Perhaps those resonate with you... perhaps they do not. I am excited to hear from all perspectives on this issue.



In this episode, I share a bit about my own experience living with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and mood disorder NOS. I offer some personal insight around the causes and systemic influences of mental illness. I explore the implications of living in a "sick society" and inquire about what it really means to be "mentally healthy." I also share with you some soulfood practices that have been invaluable on my own wellness path.





Gabrielle Roth & 5 Rhythms Dance

Jennifer Pastiloff 



Now—talk to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, and stories...

  • What has been your experience with mental health and mental illness?
  • Do you struggle with a mental illness?
  • How have you been able to manage your own mental health?
  • How have you been able to cultivate community around this issue?
  • What are your thoughts on some of these deeper soul-level practices to support mental health?